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The chainsaw is a tool that allows you to cut logs, cut down trees or prune shrubs. The echo chainsaw guarantees power and work performance thanks to its capacity and comfort for the accomplishment of tasks applied to different fields such as the wood industry, the agricultural sector or in gardening. 

There are several types of chainsaws to choose from according to a number of factors such as frequency of use, weight, type of wood, type of maintenance, among other factors. Among the types of chainsaws we distinguish the electric, battery and gasoline ones.

ECHO's electric chainsaws, such as the ECHO CS 2100/40, have excellent power for cutting and felling tasks if you have electric power. 

ECHO petrol chainsaws such as the petrol chainsaw ECHO CS 500E S/38, have excellent cutting power for woods of all thicknesses. They are the most suitable for hard work that requires power and resistance but requires more maintenance.

ECHO's battery powered chainsaws are suitable for cutting in high places, as they are handy and do not need to be connected to the power supply. 

Choose the model that best suits your needs, ECHO machinery guarantees quality and performance in their products. 

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