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Analysis and measurement

Find in Momentos Piscina all the products to be able to analyze the water of your swimming pool and to treat it with our products swimming pool. The analysis and measurement of the water is the first step to have a clean and crystalline water. In our online store you will find a wide range of products such as: analytical strips, reagents such as oto and phenol, pooltester tablets, among others. 

Active filters

Free, total chlorine and pH analysis kit FTK 101


Chlorine, Bromine and pH analyzer kit


Reagent refills OTO / Phenol 15 cc. CTX


Case analyzer chlorine free/total CHECKIT


Salt test strips Aquacheck


Analytical strips Aquachek Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and...


Analytical strips 6 parameters


FTK Basic Strips 4 in 1


Pool phosphate test strips


Pool Cooper Test Strips Insta Test


Pool Iron Test Strips Insta Test


Water hardness test FTK-118


Floating dispenser Blue Line


Floating dispenser for pools


Floating dispenser for tablets 20 gr


Floating pool thermometer Astralpool


Pocket thermometer DELTATRAK


Swimming pool leak sealer P17


Pool tile adhesive PX UNDERWATER


Photometer Lovibond MD 110


Pocket meter FTK-6000


Turbidimeter TurbiBEHQ


Receive it between Tue 5 and Tue 12

GRE V12 pool liner repairer


Receive it between Tue 5 and Tue 12

Swimming pool repair film AR202


Receive it between Tue 5 and Tue 12