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Swimming pool leak sealer P17

  • Product for sealing cracks in swimming pools
  • Liquid sealant for micro-cracks in swimming pools and concrete tanks.
  • Eliminates small water leaks 
  • Container of 1 liter 
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP/PT) / 3-4 days (EUROPE)
envío en 24 horas

Cover cracks in the pool P17

P17 is a product designed to repair cracks when the pool is full of water. It is specially formulated to seal micro-cracks in deposits, pools, pipes... for any element made of cement and containing water inside.  

This product will be efficient if a maximum of 80 liters/day of water is lost. If the product does not work, it is because the cracks are greater than 50 microns thick and therefore are not micro-cracks. In this case, other measures will have to be taken to repair the crack in the pool. 

Repairing a crack in a full pool 

The product to repair leaks in swimming pools P17 is a super-fluid additive that is added to the pool water in recirculation mode, without passing through the filter. This product reacts with the portland cement in the concrete to form micro-crystals that plug the micro-cracks, stopping water loss. 

Technical characteristics of product P17:

  • Totally harmless for bathers.
  • The crystals they form are totally insoluble, they will remain indefinitely in time.
  • They react with the cement of the structure to be repaired, it is a natural reaction.
  • Easy to use: just add pure directly to the water. 

Repairing swimming pool leaks 

Preparation of the pool

Put the selector valve in recirculation mode so that the water does not pass through the filter.

Addition of the product P17

1. Add 1 liter of product P17 for every 60 m³ of water. 

Example of consumption according to pool dimensions
Length x Width x Depth m³ of water P17
8 x 4 x 1,5 48 0,8 liter
10 x 5 x 1,2  60 1 liter
25 x 12,5 x 1,8  562 9 liters

NOTE: If the crack is suspected to be in a pipe, add the product directly to the skimmers, otherwise add it directly to the pool water.

2. Keep the filtration system in recirculation for a maximum of 48-72 hours.

IMPORTANT: During this process, bathers should not use the pool. 

Finishing the process

After 72 hours put the selector valve in filtration position and regulate the pH of the water since, it can be a little more alkaline at the end of the treatment with the crack sealer. 

If it has not been possible to repair the crack in the pool, it means that it was not a micro-crack and therefore it was a crack greater than 50 microns thick. In these cases measures will have to be used.

Repair drinking water deposits

Water where P17 has been added to repair leaks is NOT potable water and should be discarded. Once the tank has been emptied, clean the concrete with soap and water, rinse it with plenty of water and refill the tank with new water.

Technical data product P17

Type Cement-reactive sealing liquid
Density approx. 37º Bé (+ 20ºC)
Viscosity approx. 90 cP (+ 20ºC)
Toxicity No
Irritant  No
Application temperature +5ºC a +35ºC
Acts between 48 - 72 hours maximum
Storage in covered, dry and ventilated places 36 month
Supplied in 1 liter bottles
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Luis Juan G. published the 21/03/2022 following an order made on 14/02/2022


No funciona del todo bien. Ha reducido un poco la perdida, pero no la ha quitado del todo y eso que la perdida que tengo es muy pequeña.

Luis Jose P. published the 01/08/2021 following an order made on 13/06/2021


Como indicaba anteriormente he gastado un dinero y el producto "Sellador de piscina P17" no ha servido para nada.

Carles M. published the 14/05/2021 following an order made on 12/05/2021


Me ha dado el resultado esperado y la piscina ha dejado de perder agua.


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