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The flocculating agent is a product for swimming pools is essential for the treatment of the water. This product is responsible for the flocculation, which consists of grouping the particles suspended in the water (from storms, wind, or their own swimmers) in order to facilitate their filtration. With the removal of these particles that clouds the water to get a swimming pool more transparent and clean. Choose now your flocculant in our store, swimming pools with a very economical price.

Active filters

Flocculant liquid for pools 5L


Flocculant liquid for pools 20L


Flocculant in tablets


Flocculant Quickflock Super BAYROL 1L


Clarifying pool Superklar 0.5 L Bayrol


Flocculant in cartridges Superflock Plus


Natural clarifier 1L Astralpool


Crystalblock single-dose gel flocculant


Claritab Astralpool Flocculant