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Claritab Astralpool Flocculant

  • Dual action product: coagulant and flocculant.
  • Removes suspended particles
  • Total transparency of pool water 
  • Each bottle contains 5 tablets of 20g
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Flocculant tablets 

Astralpool offers a wide range of chemical products for pool maintenance and to solve any problem with the pool water. In this case the flocculant is a preventive product used for the maintenance of the pool water. 

The flocculant has this function of coagulation since it agglomerates the particles in suspension, these are deposited at the bottom of the pool to be collected with the cleaner. 

Claritab is a polymeric product of double action: coagulant and flocculant, specially formulated to obtain a superior performance in the filtration with the purifying equipment. 

It is a tablet that completely and easily removes suspended particles that are not retained by the filter, achieving total transparency of the pool water. 

Benefits of Claritab flocculant

  • High coagulation speed
  • Excellent settling speed
  • Forms easily filterable flocs
  • Removes metal ions, such as iron and manganese
  • Removes organic matter
  • Lower soluble aluminum content in water treated with Claritab
  • Reduces consumption of products used in disinfection
  • No clogging of filters
  • Reduction of the space needed to store the product

Flocculant dosage in Claritab tablets

Maintenance treatment

  • Add 1 tablet of product every week for pools up to 100 m³.

Recovery treatment (turbid water)

  • Add 3 tablets of the product for pools up to 100m³.

These doses are for guidance only and can be modified according to the turbidity of the water.

Place the necessary product tablets inside the skimmer baskets, after having washed the filtration equipment.

Claritab flocculant properties

Appearance     Solid in tablets
Color Yellowish white
pH of a 1% solution 4,0 - 5,0
Weight 20 g
Product Details

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Package size
1 Kg/L

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