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Natural clarifier 1L Astralpool

  • Concentrated clarifier of natural origin
  • Prevents the creation of foam or turbidity in the water.
  • For all types of pools and filters
  • Container of 1 liter
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

Pool clarifier 

Astralpool offers a wide range of chemical products for pool maintenance and to solve any problem with the pool water. In this case the clarifier is a preventive product used for the maintenance of the pool water. 

Natural Clarifier is a concentrated clarifier of natural origin based on Chitosan (crustacean shells), which provides the pool with the most effective weekly treatment to avoid the creation of foam or turbidity in the water. It also eliminates the remains of creams and body oils as well as the excess of metals. 

In any type of pool turbidity can appear and the causes are the tiny particles suspended in the water. But don't worry, we have the ideal product to prevent and solve this problem, the Natural Clarifier.

The function of the clarifier is to increase the size of the particles depositing the dirt in the filter and thus achieve a clean and 100% crystal clear water. 

Benefits of Astralpool pool clarifier

  • Biodegradable product to clarify cloudy water.
  • Removes the remains of oil and / or body creams
  • Removes excess metals
  • Removes organic matter
  • Compatible with most disinfection treatments 
  • Reduces filter washing time
  • Improves the performance of electrochlorinators
  • Does not contain polyacrylamides

It is compatible with all types of pools and filters and is easy and simple to use. 

Natural clarifier dosage 

Clarifier maintenance treatment

  • Residential pool: With the filtration equipment running and without the presence of bathers in the pool, add 40 ml. of product per 50 m³ of water every week. 
  • Commercial or heavily used pool: treat the pool water twice a week with double or triple the standard dosage.

Recovery treatment (turbid water)

For turbid water, double or triple the standard dosage.

This dosage is indicative and can be modified according to the characteristics of each pool, number of bathers, climatology, etc.

Instructions for use natural clarifier astral 

  1. Check the filter pressure (clean if necessary).
  2. Pour the dose of product directly into the pool tank and spread evenly over the surface of the pool. No premixing is necessary.
  3. Keep the filtration system running for at least six hours after adding the product.

Note: Add the product preferably at dusk and without the presence of bathers in the water. 

Properties Astral-597 natural flocculant

Appearance Liquid
Color blue-greenish or amber
Bulk density 1,0 - 1,1 g/cm³
pH 3.0 - 4.5
Product Details

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