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Reagent refills OTO / Phenol 15 cc. CTX
  • Reagent refills OTO / Phenol 15 cc. CTX

Reagent refills OTO / Phenol 15 cc. CTX

  • Reagent for case analyzer CTX
  • OTO/Phenol 15 cc. for case analyzer CTX
  • For the analysis of the daily water
  • For all types of swimming pools and spas

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Pool water analysis with OTO / PHENOL

It is important that you have the OTO / PHENOL reagents and that they are in good condition, otherwise the result may be altered and therefore a good maintenance of the pool may not be carried out. We recommend storing the reagents in a place where they are not exposed to the sun.

We have two reagents for analyzing the following parameters:

  • Oto reagent: to analyze the level of total Chlorine or total Bromine.
  • Phenol reagent: to analyze the pH level. 

The Oto reagent is a transparent reagent that oxidizes and turns yellow when in contact with the disinfectant. The intensity of yellow depends on the amount of oxidants present in the water.

The Phenol reagent will react to pH changes from red to violet. 

How to use OTO / PHENOL reagents

  1. Fill the pooltester with pool water.
  2. Add 5 drops of OTO to determine Total Chlorine / Total Bromine levels.
  3. Add 5 drops of Phenol to determine pH levels.
  4. Shake the pooltester and wait a few seconds.
  5. Check the levels and adjust the parameters

CTX Chlorine, Bromine and pH Analyzer Kit

If you need to purchase the analyzer kit, you can buy it in our online store. 

The CTX analyzer kit consists of 3 elements:

  • Pooltester with the levels of Chlorine/Bromine and pH.
  • Oto reagent: determines the disinfectant level, total Chlorine or total Bromine.
  • Phenol reagent: determines the pH level. 

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