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Chlorine fast dichloro granulated 5 Kg
  • Chlorine fast dichloro granulated 5 Kg
  • Chlorine fast dichloro granulated 5 Kg

Chlorine fast DICHLORO granulated 5 Kg

  • Fast chlorine DICHLORO ideal for shock chlorination
  • High solubility in pool water
  • Perfect for pools and spas 
  • Disinfection and pool maintenance
  • Container of 5 Kg

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Granulated chlorine for swimming pools

Dichlorine, better known as fast or shock chlorine, is mainly used for the recovery of water when we have neglected its treatment or for moments in which we have had a large influx of bathers or after a storm.

Chlorine is the main disinfectant used for the treatment of swimming pool water, due to its high solubility in water, the necessary amount of residual chlorine is obtained quickly. It offers greater stability against the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays than other products. 

  • Ideal for all types of pools: gresite, liner, polyester, removable pools, spas...
  • Fast dissolving that avoids discoloration on surfaces
  • Does not modify the pH of the water

Quantity of granulated chlorine for swimming pools 

Chlorine comes in various forms: liquid, tablets or granules. In this case, granulated chlorine can be used for weekly maintenance of the pool, by adding the relevant doses, or for shock chlorination treatment, by adding a larger quantity of product.

Maintenance treatment

  1. Adjust the pH to 7.2 -7.6 
  2. Add 1 to 3 gr. of DICLORO GR per m³ of water.
  3. Dilute the product in a bucket with water and spread the product around the pool. 
  4. Leave the equipment in filtration for a few hours

Initial treatment or shock chlorination

  1. Adjust pH to 7,2 -7,6
  2. Add 10 gr. of DICHLORO GR per m³ of water.
  3. After 2 hours, adjust pH using pH regulators.
  4. Dilute the product in a bucket with water and spread the product in the pool basin. 
  5. Leave the equipment in filtration for one hour

IMPORTANT: The initial treatment or shock treatment should be repeated whenever there is a lack of transparency in the pool water.

NOTE: add the product preferably at dusk and without the presence of bathers.

Properties DICLORO granulated 5 Kg:

Look Granular solid
Color White
Chlorine content useful 55 %
pH (1%) 6 - 7
Solubility 24 g/100 ml
Container 5 Kg

To analyze pH and chlorine in swimming pools 

To be able to estimate the amount of granulated chlorine to add to the pool it is important to control the pH and chlorine levels. For that reason it is important to analyze with an analyzer kit a minimum of 2-3 times per week and to regulate the parameters. 

  • Optimal pH level: 7,2 - 7,6 ppm
  • Optimal free chlorine level: 1-3 ppm
  • Optimal total chlorine level: 0.5 -1.5 ppm

Remember that the first parameter to analyze and regulate is the pH, otherwise the chlorine will not have a disinfectant effect. 

Data sheet
Liner / Polyester
Water treatment with
Package size
5 Kg/L
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