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Salt test strips Aquacheck
  • Salt test strips Aquacheck
  • Salt test strips Aquacheck

Salt test strips Aquacheck

  • For accurate analysis of sodium chloride (salt) levels
  • Ideal for salt electrolysis treated pools 
  • Tests your pool water in just a few minutes
  • Packaging: 10 strips per pot

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Es fácil de utilizar, compruebas no rápidamente el nivel de sal de tu piscina. Incluye referencias para saber si está alta o baja.

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Measuring the salt level of the pool

Checking the salt level of the pool is important for proper pool maintenance. If the salt levels are lower than optimal, there will not be enough salt to disinfect the water and if they are higher, the chlorinator cell may deteriorate.  

To measure the salt concentration we have the Aquacheck salt test strips, they provide an accurate analysis of sodium chloride levels. It is a package containing 10 analytical strips.

Method of use

  1. Fill a bottle with approximately 2.5 cm of pool or spa water.
  2. Insert the lower end of the strip into the water sample. For accurate results keep the top half of the strip completely dry.
  3. When the yellow band turns black, in about 3-4 minutes, remove the tape from the water sample and determine where the highest white dot (white peak) appears on the numerical scale of the test tape.
  4. Compare that value with the table included in the package.

We recommend testing 2-3 times per week.

Check salt concentration

Once the analysis has been performed we will compare the sample obtained with the salt concentration graph.

Let's look at the following example:

Salt concentration graph

The proper salt concentration for a pool with a salt chlorinator should be between 4000 and 7000 ppm (mg/L). The graph gives us a range of 400 to 7000 ppm and the optimum level is at 5000 ppm, so it would be between 6 -6.2 in the graph reading.

In this example, on the test strip the white peak is at 2.8. If compared on the graph the number 2.8 corresponds to a sodium chloride (salt) level of 1180 ppm. 

We assume that the pool has a volume of 30 m³.

  • We will have to subtract the 5000 (optimum value) - 1180 (value obtained) = 3820 mg/ L
  • We multiply the 3820 by the m³ of the pool, so 3820 x 30 = 114600 grams.

In this case we have obtained a value of 114600 grams, so we will have to add 114.6 kg to reach the optimum level. 

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