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BWT D300 Pool Cleaner

  • D-Line Series Automatic Pool Cleaner 
  • Brushes in PVA, excellent grip on any surface
  • Impeccable cleaning of the bottom, walls and waterline 
  • Remote Control with Smartphone App
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The BWT D300 pool cleaner is part of the D-LINE range of pool cleaners that stand out for their PVA brushes that provide an excellent grip and their powerful suction to remove all the dirt and obtain clean, crystal-clear water. 

Why is the BWT D300 cleaner the best choice?

  • Automatic pool cleaner, cleans effortlessly and in record time! 
  • For pools up to 12 m long, any shape or surface
  • Optimal cleaning of the bottom, walls and waterline
  • 4D filters that guarantee perfect pool water filtration
  • Cycle time of 1.5 /2/ 2.5 hours
  • 4 PVA brushes for better adhesion
  • Smart Navigation System for optimal traceability
  • Top access filter for easy cleaning at the touch of a button
  • Adjustable handle
  • Caddy included
  • Remote control via Smartphone App

Still have doubts? Here's why the BWT D300 is the best choice

1. It has one of the best filtrations in the market

The 4D filter consists of elastic 3D microfiber loops that together with the vibratory movement, maximizes the performance of the water flow. The vibration improves the suction flow and prevents the saturation of the filters. It retains from leaves to very small particles such as sand grains.

In addition, the dirt can be seen thanks to the transparent cover on the top. This way you can clean easily and without getting dirty! 

A light indicator on the transformer indicates when the filter is full so you can continue cleaning your pool.

2. Efficient movements with the intelligent drive system 

The BWT D300 has an intelligent and exclusive navigation system that guarantees efficient cleaning and movement. Equipped with Breezer technology, an efficient and resistant gear transmission combined with a motor and a powerful suction pump make the BWT D300 one of the most reliable swimming pool robots on the market. 

The Ultimate Power system is the ideal solution for fast movements, optimized travel, reliability and unparalleled cleanliness

It also features a gyroscope system that can scan and detect obstacles to ensure the right path and provide maximum cleaning.

3. Adjustable suction system 

It has the most powerful suction of any robot on the market. Suction can be doubled with precise adjustment of the suction nozzles. They are located at the bottom of the robot next to the additional rotary brush. 

To suck up the finest waste such as sand, we recommend setting the suction nozzles to the lowest position.

4.  Consisting of 4 PVA brushes 

It has 4 high quality foam brushes for better adhesion to the surface of your pool. With the extra vibrating PVC brush you will get a perfect cleaning of the pool bottom.

5. Adjustable handle and caddy

The BWT D300 pool cleaner has an adjustable handle for transporting the robot out of the pool. In the water the adjustable handle intelligently balances the robot by acting as a counterweight. It can be adjusted diagonally to optimize the robot's movement. 

A premium Caddy is also included to move the robot off the surface. 

6. Remote Control via Smartphone App

The BWT D300 pool robot can connect via Bluetooth to the BWT application and thus manually manipulate the robot through the App. The cleaning program can be adjusted and saved. In addition to guiding it through the most problematic areas of the pool. 


iconos BWT D300


In the following video we show you the operation and performance offered by the D-LINE series, in this case as an example the BWT D300 model.

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