Dolphin Pool In pool cleaner

  • Ideal for aboveground and inground pools up to 8 m long
  • Bottom and half-round cleaning
  • Fine filtration bag
  • 2 years warranty
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Buy Dolphin Pool In pool cleaner

The Dolphin Pool In pool cleaner is a good choice because it is an all-round robot with an unbeatable price. Dolphin is the trusted brand that guarantees a perfect cleaning of your pool to enjoy with family and friends.

Choosing the right pool cleaner for your pool is important to keep your pool clean and crystal clear. You have to take into account different factors: dimensions, depth, slope, type of liner, type of vegetation...

Our Momentos Piscina team is at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable pool cleaner for your pool. 

Choosing Dolphin Pool In robot

10 reasons to choose the Dolphin Pool In pool cleaner:

  • Perfect for aboveground and inground pools up to 8 meters long
  • 12 meter long cable
  • Basic ON / OFF power supply
  • 1 hour cleaning cycle
  • Floor and half-shell cleaning
  • Full PVC brush
  • Bottom access to filters
  • Bag filtration that retains dust, dirt and debris
  • Low power consumption and automatic shut-off system
  • 2 year warranty 

It is a lightweight and compact pool robot with simple operation making it very easy to use. It incorporates an ergonomic handle to pick it up easily in the process of immersion and extraction of the pool.

Incorporating the most advanced Clever Clean navigation system, it scans the pool for optimal cleaning.

The Dolphin Pool In offers maximum performance and guarantees savings on every cleaning thanks to its low energy consumption and automatic shut-off system.

IMPORTANT: For pools with a width of less than 4 meters, we recommend choosing a pool cleaner that cleans the bottom and walls. Otherwise, the cleaner will not be able to rotate and will not clean certain areas. 

Relax and enjoy your pool thanks to the Dolphin Pool In automatic pool cleaner.

The Dolphin Pool In is equivalent to the following models in features and performance:

  • Dolphin Poolstyle
  • Dolphin E10
  • Dolphin Moby
  • Dolphin Seamaster CL

Dolphin Pool In features

Features Dolphin Pool In

Dolphin pool cleaner comparison

Pool cleaner Dolphin Pool InPool cleaner Dolphin Pool UpPool cleaner Dolphin E30Pool cleaner Dolphin E40iPool cleaner Dolphin F60
Ideal pool lengthElevated and buried up to 8 metersElevated and buried up to 8 metersPools of 12 meters in lengthPools of 12 meters in lengthPools of 12 meters in length
Cable length12 m12 m18 m18 m18 m
Cycle time1 hour2 hours2 hours1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 hours2,5 hours
Cleaning CoverageSoil and half shankFloor and wallsFloors, walls and waterlineFloors, walls and waterlineFloors, walls and waterline
Cleaning optionsStandardStandardStandardFloor only, floor and walls and walls onlyStandard
Nº of motors1 traction motor and 1 suction motor1 traction motor and 1 suction motor1 traction motor and 1 suction motor1 traction motor and 1 suction motor2 traction motors and one suction motor
Power supplyON / OFFON / OFFON / OFFIoT with Bluetooth and WifiIoT with Bluetooth and Wifi
FiltrationFine filtration bagFine filtration bagCombined spring and ultra-fine basket + 2 ultra-fine filtersMultilayer filtrationSpring and ultra fine cartridges
Filter accessBottomBottomTopTopTop
Power Stream mobility systemNoNoYesNoNo
Clever Clean scanning systemYesYesYesYesYes
BrushesComplete with PVCCombined (PVC + PVA foam rings)Complete with PVCComplete with PVCCombined (PVC + PVA foam rings)
MyDolphin Plus AppNoNoNoYesYes
Transport trolleyNoNoNoYesYes
Gyroscope NoNoNoYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years2 years3 years2 years + 12 months with web registration
Weight9 Kg9 Kg7,5 Kg7,5 Kg11,5 Kg

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