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Dolphin E30 pool cleaner
  • Dolphin E30 pool cleaner

Dolphin E30 pool cleaner

  • Perfect for pools up to 12 meters long.
  • Cleaning of the bottom, walls and waterline
  • The Dolphin E30 is equivalent to the following models: Dolphin Carrera 30, Dolphin Formula 30, Dolphin Acuarius R2, Dolphin S200, Dolphin Energy 200, Dolphin Blue Maxi 30, Dolphin E25, Dolphin E35, Dolphin Avalon 30 and Dolphin SX30
  • Combined filtration basket with spring and ultrafine filters 
  • *3 years warranty 

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Bom produto

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Genial, limpia a la maravilla. El unico defecto es que al finalizar, no avisa ni con un pitido ni con nada. Se para y punto


Find your ideal Dolphin to clean your pool!

Tired of having to clean your pool manually, let a Dolphin do the job for you! In our online store, we have a selection of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners to suit your pool's needs. With our buying guide, you will find the perfect model for you. Enjoy your free time swimming, relaxing or having fun with your family, while your Dolphin cleans your pool.

Choose the perfect robotic pool cleaner for your pool
Dolphin E30

Exceptional cleaning with the Dolphin E30 robot cleaner

The Dolphin E30 pool cleaner belongs to the Dolphin E-Series robotic pool cleaners. With one of these pool robots you will get an exceptional experience and crystal clear cleaning results for your pool.

The pool robots in this range, such as the Dolphin E30, stand out for their active brushing, which removes algae and bacteria, their effective and easy-to-use filtration system, and their high retention capacity that collects fine and coarse dirt.

It is a range of economical pool cleaners that provide excellent value for money. A simple and accessible way to have clean, crystal clear and disinfected water. They incorporate some of the world's most advanced scanning and cleaning technologies.

Get your Dolphin E-Series pool cleaner at Momentos Piscina, official Dolphin by Maytronics dealer.

Choosing Dolphin E30 pool cleaners

Main reasons why you should buy the Dolphin E30 robot

  • Suitable for pools up to 12 meters in length
  • 18 meter cable
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline
  • 2-hour cleaning cycle
  • Double active brush: front + rear
  • Power Stream mobility system
  • Basic power supply ON / OFF
  • Combined spring and ultra fine filter basket
  • 3 year warranty 

The Dolphin E30 cleaner features front and rear active brushes, which rotate at twice the speed of the robot to tackle the most stubborn embedded dirt. 

It incorporates the combined basket that includes spring filters on the front and rear and ultra-fine filters on the sides, it also includes 2 panels of ultra-fine filtration. 

It features the CleverClean™ scanning system, which uses advanced navigation software to ensure total pool coverage, mapping out the most efficient route. It also incorporates the Power Stream mobility system to channel water flow and improve the robot's maneuverability. 

Quick release of water for removal from the pool after the cleaning cycle. 

The Dolphin E30 is equivalent to the following models in features and performance:

  • Dolphin Carrera 30
  • Dolphin Formula 30
  • Dolphin Acuarius R2
  • Dolphin S200
  • Dolphin Energy 200
  • Dolphin Blue Maxi 30
  • Dolphin E25
  • Dolphin E35
  • Dolphin Avalon 30
  • Dolphin SX30

Features Dolphin E30

Plug&Play  Ligero

Libera agua  Cobertura

Filtración  Cable 18 metos

Ciclo  Cepillado activo

Power stream  Servei tècnic


The Dolphin E30 cleaner has a 3 year warranty, Maytronics will support the third year warranty as long as the consumer requests the legal warranty imposed by Spanish law, requests to apply the third year warranty will be reviewed by the technical service to ensure compliance with the legislation.

We remind you that for the robot to perform an optimal cleaning of the bottom and walls the pH levels must be adequate, there can be no algae that may hinder the robot's adherence, the robot's filters must be cleaned after each cycle so that dirt does not accumulate and the pool's glass must be previously cleaned to remove the largest dirt and any obstacles that may obstruct the cleaner. 

Dolphin robots are not guaranteed to clean hard to reach areas such as corners or other areas where access is difficult. On the other hand, no pool cleaner will clean steps, it may go up some steps or none at all. 

Contact our technicians for any questions you may have. 

Dolphin pool cleaner comparison

Pool cleaner Dolphin Pool In Pool cleaner Dolphin Pool Up Pool cleaner Dolphin E30 Pool cleaner Dolphin E40i Pool cleaner Dolphin F60


POOL UP E30 E40i F60
Ideal pool length

Elevated and buried up to 8 meters

Elevated and buried up to 8 meters Pools of 12 meters in length Pools of 12 meters in length Pools of 12 meters in length
Cable length

12 m

12 m 18 m 18 m 18 m


No No Yes Yes
Cycle time

1 hour

2 hours 2 hours 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 hours 2,5 hours
Cleaning Coverage

Soil and half shank

Floor and walls Floors, walls and waterline Floors, walls and waterline Floors, walls and waterline
Cleaning options


Standard Standard Floor only, floor and walls and walls only Standard
Nº of motors

1 traction motor and 1 suction motor

1 traction motor and 1 suction motor 1 traction motor and 1 suction motor 1 traction motor and 1 suction motor 2 traction motors and one suction motor
Power supply


ON / OFF ON / OFF IoT with Bluetooth and Wifi IoT with Bluetooth and Wifi

Fine filtration bag

Fine filtration bag Combined spring and ultra-fine basket + 2 ultra-fine filters Multilayer filtration Spring and ultra fine cartridges
Filter access


Bottom Top Top Top
Power Stream mobility system


No Yes No No
Clever Clean scanning system


Yes Yes Yes Yes

Complete with PVC

Combined (PVC + PVA foam rings) Complete with PVC Complete with PVC Combined (PVC + PVA foam rings)
MyDolphin Plus App


No No Yes Yes
Transport trolley


No No Yes Yes


No No Yes Yes

3 years

3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years

9 Kg

9 Kg 7,5 Kg 7,5 Kg 11,5 Kg

Any of the pool cleaners Dolphin boasts of reliability and warranty Dolphin. Manufactured by Maytronics, a company world leader in the manufacture of robots pool cleaners for swimming pools.

Dolphin E30 pool cleaner video 

Data sheet
Filter type
Cleaning coverage
Bottoms, walls and waterline
Cable length
18 m
Anti-tangle cable (Swivel)
Nº cleaning cycles
Nº of motors
Type of brush
Combined (PVC and PVA)
Remote control
Transport trolley