Cleaner electric

The cleaner electric are the perfect solution for all those who have been tired of cleaning the pool manually, and want to enjoy more of your free time. If you want a clean pool with crystal clear water without a little tired, the pool cleaners swimming pool electric are perfect for you. Choose in our shop pools between brands such as Dolphin, Zodiac , or Typhoon.

  • Cleaner Typhoon

    <p>Cleaner Typhoon. Range of pool cleaners automatic brand electrical Typhoon of Certikin.</p>
  • Pool Cleaners Dolphin

    <p>The cleaner Dolphin are the undisputed leaders of the <a href="">pool cleaners electric</a> automatic and swimming pool. The <strong>robots of swimming pool Dolphin by Maytronics</strong> they have some <strong>high quality services</strong> and integrate the latest technology to meet all the needs of the <strong>maintenance of a pool</strong>. Query all the pool cleaners Dolphin models in our <a href="">store, swimming pools</a> and get the cleaner most suitable for you <strong>at the best price guaranteed</strong>.</p>
  • Pool Cleaners Zodiac

    <p>Robot pool cleaners of the family Zodiac Vortex. Cleaner adaptable to different types of swimming pool.</p>
  • Limpiafondos Astralpool

Active filters
Pre-filter to capture the leaves with a hydraulic cleaner  It reduces the dirt that enters the pump pre-filter, thus increasing its performance and extending the life of the pump.  The residues it captures remain in...
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