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Dolphin 2x2 Pool cleaner
  • Dolphin 2x2 Pool cleaner
  • Dolphin 2x2 Pool cleaner

Dolphin 2x2 Pool cleaner

  • Automatic pool cleaner specially designed for public pools.
  • Suitable for pools up to 50 m length.
  • Dolphin 2x2 is equivalent to Dolphin C6 PLUS model
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline
  • Scanning and gyroscope system for precise automatic navigation

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Dolphin Wave 2x2 Pro Gyro Professional Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Wave 2x2 Pro-Gyro represents the cutting edge in long pool cleaning, offering a fully automated, heavy-duty solution. Designed for pools up to 50 meters in length, this robust pool cleaner combines dual motor power with Gyro technology to provide comprehensive cleaning of the pool bottom, walls and waterline. With detailed cleaning cycles and advanced filtration systems, this equipment excels in public environments, ensuring complete and effective coverage in every corner of the pool.

The Dolphin 2x2 is equivalent in features and performance to the Dolphin C6 PLUS model.

Discover the efficiency and convenience of pool maintenance with the Dolphin 2x2 Pro-Gyro.

Professional Pool Cleaner Dolphin Wave 2x2

Features Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro 

Cleaning Efficiency

The Dolphin 2x2 Pro-Gyro's cleaning efficiency excels especially in large pools, making it ideal for public environments that demand exceptional performance. Its detailed cleaning cycles and high performance ensure thorough cleaning in every corner of the pool, regardless of its size. With two powerful motors and a double brushing system, this equipment guarantees thorough cleaning of the bottom, walls and waterline, providing superior results.

Strength and Efficiency

The Dolphin 2x2 Pro-Gyro not only stands out for its cleaning effectiveness, but also for its exceptional resistance and efficiency. Equipped with a dual-level filtration system, this pool cleaner ensures optimal water purification by capturing both fine and coarse particles. This advanced filtration approach not only improves water quality, but also contributes to the longevity of the equipment, alleviating wear load and ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding pool environments. In addition, its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure superior resistance, making it a reliable choice for large-scale pool maintenance.

Gyro System for Perfect Coverage

The integration of the Gyro system enhances the scanning capability of the Dolphin 2x2 Pro-Gyro, allowing for complete and detailed coverage of the pool. With this system, all debris is removed, ensuring a flawless aquatic environment.

In summary, the Dolphin Wave 2x2 Pro-Gyro is presented as an indispensable ally for owners of large pools, providing automated, efficient and hassle-free cleaning. Its resistance, efficiency and advanced technology make it the ideal choice to keep your pool in optimal conditions without any effort.

Eficiencia de limpieza Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro

Technical characteristicsDolphin Wave 2x2 Pro-Gyro 

  • Dual traction motors for optimal maneuverability.
  • Internal gyroscope for precise automatic navigation.
  • ClevercleanTM scanning system to ensure complete coverage and total pool cleaning.
  • Includes Swivel® system that prevents cable tangling.
  • Operates at low power consumption. Automatically shuts off at the end of the cleaning cycle.
  • Plug-n-play installation: No pre-installation is required. Just plug it in and it's ready to start cleaning the pool.
  • Delayed start option: allowing to start cleaning the pool when the dirt has been deposited on the bottom.
  • Double level filtration system with 50, 70 and 150 micron filter bags to collect all types of dirt. Full filter bag indicator
  • Trolley included for transport and storage
  • Includes remote control for manual control of programs and operation delay

Dolphin 2x2 completo

Installation and Operation Dolphin 2x2 

The Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro redefines pool cleaning convenience by eliminating the need for pre-installation. Operation is as simple as plugging the power cord into the electrical outlet, submerging the robot and Swivel cable into the pool. Once submerged, turn on the power supply and let the cleaner do its job completely autonomously.

Energy efficiency is a priority, as the Dolphin 2x2 automatically shuts off at the completion of its cleaning cycle, avoiding unnecessary expenses. After completing the cycle, simply remove the robot from the pool, making sure to turn off the power supply. To maintain its optimal performance, proceed to clean the filter bag, removing the dirt accumulated during cleaning. With the Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro, pool maintenance is simpler and more efficient than ever.

Operating modes Dolphin 2x2

The Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro redefines the pool cleaning experience by offering two operating modes: automatic and manual, both with customizable options to suit your specific needs.

Automatic cleaning 

In this mode, the Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro deploys its maximum efficiency. It intelligently calculates the most efficient cleaning path using its advanced software. Through the remote control, you can modify the cleaning program and adjust pool parameters for even more optimal results.

Cleaning Mode

Offering a range of options, the automatic cleaning mode is divided into specific programs:

  • REGULAR: For cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool.
  • ULTRA Clean: A slower motion for deep cleaning.
  • WATER Line: Aimed at providing special attention to the walls up to the waterline.
  • LAP Pool: A program designed especially for training pools, whether rectangular or elongated.

Customizable parameters

  • Cycle Time: You can select the duration of the cleaning program (4, 6 or 8 hours).
  • Pool Length: Ideal for rectangular pools, with options for lengths of 30, 40, 50 and 60 meters.
  • Wall Climbing Frequency: Controls the frequency of wall climbing (never, every 8, 16 or 32 minutes).
  • Delay: Configurable in 0, 1 or 2 hours.

Manual Cleaning

When you want precise control, the manual mode allows you to use the remote control to direct the Dolphin 2x2 to specific areas that need focused cleaning. In addition, you can enter cleaning parameters or programs according to your preferences. If you don't interact with the remote control for 30 seconds, the cleaner automatically returns to automatic cleaning mode.

With these customizable modes and features, the Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro offers an exceptional level of flexibility and control to meet all your pool cleaning needs.

Complete cleaning Dolphin 2x2


The Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro cleaner has a 3 year warranty, Maytronics will support the third year warranty as long as the consumer requests the legal warranty imposed by Spanish law, requests to apply the third year warranty will be reviewed by the technical service to ensure compliance with the legislation.

We remind you that for the robot to perform an optimal cleaning of the bottom and walls the pH levels must be adequate, there can be no algae that may hinder the robot's adherence, the robot's filters must be cleaned after each cycle so that dirt does not accumulate and the pool's glass must be previously cleaned to remove the largest dirt and any obstacles that may obstruct the cleaner. 

Dolphin robots are not guaranteed to clean hard to reach areas such as corners or other areas where access is difficult. On the other hand, no pool cleaner will clean steps, it may go up some steps or none at all.

Technical Specifications Dolphin 2x2

Cleaning cycle  4,6,8 h
Cleaning coverage Bottom, walls and waterline
Brushing Doble
Brushes Combined PVC and PVA
Filtration system 3 bag options of 50,70 and 150µm 
Suction speed 34 m³/h
Forward speed 15 m/min
Navigation and maneuverability CleverClean scanning system and dual traction motor
Motor protection IP 68
Power supply

 Input: 100 -250 AC volts

 50- 60 Hertz

 Watts 220 W

 Output: 24 VDC

Trolley Included
Remote Control Included, for manual control, cleaning programs and operation delay.
Cable length 40 m with anti-knot system
Robot weight 20 Kg (without cable)
Dimensions 80 x 40 x 30 cm
Warranty  24 months* or 3000 operating hours

Discover Efficiency in Action: The Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro in Video

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