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Dolphin Wave 90i pool cleaner
  • Dolphin Wave 90i pool cleaner
  • Dolphin Wave 90i pool cleaner
  • Dolphin Wave 90i pool cleaner
  • Dolphin Wave 90i pool cleaner

Dolphin Wave 90i pool cleaner

  • For pools up to 20 meters long
  • 3 cleaning cycles: 2,3 and 4 hours
  • Cleaning coverage: bottom and walls 
  • First Wave model with IoT functionality
  • *3 years warranty

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Wave 90i - Innovation in pool cleaning technology for collective pools 

Immerse yourself in the pool cleaning revolution with the extraordinary Dolphin Wave 90i robot. Representing the cutting edge of technology and design, this innovative device redefines the experience of keeping mid-size commercial pools spotless. 

The Dolphin Wave 90i stands as the pioneer of the Wave line, introducing Internet of Things (IoT) functionality that completely transforms the way we approach pool maintenance. It's not just a cleaning robot; it's a smart solution that empowers you to take full control of your pool cleaning from anywhere, anytime.

With a sleek design and rugged construction, the Dolphin Wave 90i is not only aesthetically appealing, but also demonstrates exceptional durability. Its presence in the pool not only translates into impeccable cleanliness, but also a stamp of innovation and modernity.

Dolphin Wave 90i Highlights

Exceptional Power, Unmatched Performance

The Dolphin Wave 90i redefines pool cleaning with its exceptional power. Equipped with a dual drive motor and a 19,000 liters per hour suction motor, this robot ensures efficient removal of debris, debris and algae. Its energy efficiency guarantees thorough cleaning, making your pool always look spotless with minimal effort. With the Dolphin Wave 90i, power translates directly into unsurpassed performance.

Equipped with exceptional power, the Dolphin Wave 90i delivers unmatched performance in removing debris, debris and algae. Its energy efficiency combines with a powerful suction capacity to ensure a complete and effective cleaning of your collective pool. 

It incorporates dual drive motors and a suction motor with a suction rate of 19,000 liters per hour.

Ergonomic and Durable Design: Unified Style and Strength

The Dolphin Wave 90i fuses elegance and durability in an ergonomic design that simplifies handling and storage. Its solid construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a long-term investment for your pool maintenance. The excellent housing not only stands out for its style, but also for its exceptional reliability, guaranteeing solid performance that exceeds expectations. With the Dolphin Wave 90i, aesthetics and ruggedness come together to deliver an unparalleled pool cleaning experience.

Dual Brushing System: Cleaning with Precision and Efficiency

The Dolphin Wave 90i features a dual brushing system that redefines pool cleaning with unmatched precision and efficiency. Its dual brushes, backed by side brushes, work harmoniously to descale and remove impurities adhering to the bottom and walls of the pool. This innovative design ensures thorough cleaning, leaving your pool spotless with every session.

The side brushes have the ability to thoroughly clean corners, ensuring that no corner is left unattended. In addition, the rear brushes incorporate foam rings that enhance grip, maximizing cleaning efficiency by tackling even the most slippery surfaces.

With the Dolphin Wave 90i, your pool cleaning is not only thorough, but also precise. This dual brushing system proves that innovation is in every detail, ensuring that every cleaning session results in a spotless pool ready to enjoy.

Filtration Efficiency: Simple Access, Effortless Maintenance

The Dolphin Wave 90i simplifies maintenance with its top-access filtration system and large 6.8 liter filter volume. Its smart design makes removal and cleaning easy, ensuring a pool that is always ready to enjoy. With this robot, maintenance is efficient, and cleaning becomes a hassle-free task.

Advanced IoT Connectivity: Total Control, Wherever You Are

The Dolphin Wave 90i offers true freedom in your pool maintenance thanks to its IoT connectivity. Control every aspect of cleaning from the palm of your hand, whether you're in the comfort of your home or on the go. The dedicated app gives you intuitive and personalized control, with features such as delay, weekly timer, different cleaning modes, detailed history and even manual navigation, customize each session to suit your needs.

Plus, enjoy the versatility of connection via Bluetooth with the remote or through the MyDolphin Plus app, which operates via Bluetooth or wifi. With the Dolphin Wave 90i, advanced connectivity translates into total control and a cleaning experience tailored to your lifestyle.

Discover the difference that technological innovation can make in the maintenance of your collective pool with the Dolphin Wave 90i. It turns the cleaning process into an effortless and efficient experience, raising the standard of cleaning in the pool world.

Wave 90i technical features: Total control at your fingertips

Remote control functionalities

  • Connects to the robot via Bluetooth for direct control.
  • Easy on/off switching.
  • Weekly timer to schedule cleaning sessions.
  • Delay to customize the start of cleaning.
  • Manual Navigation for precise control.
  • Pick me up system for easy handling.
  • Cleaning mode with 2/3/4 hour cycles.

MyDolphin Plus features

  • Bluetooth or Wifi connection for total versatility.
  • Weekly Timer and Delay for advanced programming.
  • Pick me up system for convenience.
  • Temperature sensor for accurate monitoring.
  • In/Out of Water Sensors for safe operation.
  • 2/3/4 hour cleaning cycles to suit your needs.
  • Cleaning Modes for complete customization.
  • Detailed history for effective tracking.
  • Filter indicator with 2 levels for timely maintenance.
  • Manual Navigation for specific control.
  • Voice Control (Siri) for an even more convenient experience.

Wave 90i packaging contents

When you open the Dolphin Wave 90i box, you'll find everything you need to simplify and enhance your pool cleaning experience. Package contents include:

  • Transport Trolley: Designed to make moving the Dolphin Wave 90i convenient and efficient.
  • Transport Trolley Cover: Protects the trolley during storage and transport, ensuring its durability.
  • Bag Filter: Essential element for efficient filtration of debris and particles during cleaning sessions.
  • Bluetooth Remote Control: Provides convenient and direct remote control over Dolphin Wave 90i functions.
  • Quick Guide: A quick and easy-to-follow reference to get you started using your pool robot effectively.

Wave 90i robot maintenance recommendations

To ensure optimal performance and prolong the life of your Dolphin Wave 90i, we recommend following these maintenance practices:

Clean Filters:

  • Check the filters at least once a day.
  • Clean filters as needed to maintain filtration efficiency.

Impeller Maintenance:

  • Pay attention to application alerts related to the impeller.
  • Clean the impeller as directed by the application to ensure trouble-free operation.

Cable Care:

  • After each use, be sure to pick up the cable neatly.
  • Avoid twisting the cable to prevent potential damage caused by twisting.

By following these simple recommendations, you will keep your Dolphin Wave 90i in top condition, ensuring consistent performance and a hassle-free pool cleaning experience. Remember that regular maintenance is key to enjoying the full capabilities of your pool robot.


The Wave 90i pool cleaner comes with a 3 year warranty, Maytronics will support the third year warranty as long as the consumer requests the legal warranty imposed by Spanish law, requests to apply the third year warranty will be reviewed by technical service to ensure compliance with legislation.

We remind you that for the robot to perform an optimal cleaning of the bottom and walls the pH levels must be adequate, there can be no algae that may hinder the robot's adherence, the robot's filters must be cleaned after each cycle so that dirt does not accumulate and the pool's glass must be previously cleaned to remove the largest dirt and any obstacles that may obstruct the cleaner. 

Dolphin robots are not guaranteed to clean hard to reach areas such as corners or other areas where access is difficult. On the other hand, no pool cleaner will clean steps, it may go up some steps or none at all. 

Please contact our technicians for any questions you may have.

Technical Specifications Wave 90i 

Maximum pool size 20 m
Cleaning cycle 2,3 y 4 h
Cleaning coverage Bottom and walls
Brushing Active dual direction brushes that rotate at a speed 1.5 times faster than the robot; and side brushes are available.
Brushes Front PVC brush and rear combined PVC and PVA brushes
Filtration system Multilayer filter, with top seal. Optional filtration bag
Navigation and maneuverability Multi-pattern scanning and labyrinth cleaning process  
Power supply

IoT 180W

Trolley Included + trolley cover
Remote control Yes
Mobile application MyDolphin Plus
Cable length 24 meters with Swivel
Robot weight 11 Kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 30 cm
Warranty 24 months* or 2500 hours of operation

Discover the performance of the Dolphin Wave 90i. Efficiency in every corner of your pool!

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