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Pool Cleaner Astralpool Mamba
  • Pool Cleaner Astralpool Mamba

Pool Cleaner Astralpool Mamba

  • Hydraulic suction pool cleaner
  • For aboveground or inground pools up to 8 meters long.
  • Easy to install, connects directly to the suction inlet or skimmer.
  • Minimum filtration system of 4 m³/h

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Automatic pool cleaner Astralpool Mamba

Mamba is a hydraulic equipment so it works by suction and it is connected directly to the suction inlet of the pump. If you are looking for a simple cleaning robot, easy to install and does not require any modification to the pool, the Mamba pool cleaner is perfect for cleaning your pool. 

Features and advantages of Mamba hydraulic pool cleaners

  • All types of pools: private in-ground pools and above-ground pools with rigid walls 
  • All types of shapes: rectangular, oval and free form
  • All types of bottoms : flat, gentle slope, compound slope
  • All types of liners : gresite, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC, painted concrete
  • Easy to install: can be installed in a few minutes without tools 
  • Includes special 10 m hose for greater efficiency
  • Includes a pressure regulator to ensure a constant flow rate

As it is a hydraulic cleaner and therefore works by suction or suction, it will be connected directly to the skimmer or suction inlet. Therefore it does not need electrical connection, it uses the current filtration system and this has to provide a minimum of 4m³/h.

It is a cleaning robot that is also a mobile drain as it sucks the dirt and transports it to the filtration system of the pool.

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