Manual pool cleaner flexo Shark

  • Shark Manual Flexo Cleaner
  • Ideal for small particles or sand from the bottom of the pool
  • Two fixing options: clip or wing nut
  • Shark Series cleaning accessories, efficiency and resistance in maintenance tasks
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)


The rest of the dirt goes to the bottom of the pool, so it is essential to have the necessary pool accessories for optimal cleaning. SharkSeries cleaning accessories guarantee exclusivity and guarantee in pool maintenance. They are characterized by their great resistance and effectiveness in the basic tasks of pool maintenance. The SharkSeries range is distinguished by an innovative design and a grey finish that provides elegance. Shark Series will help you turn pool maintenance into a fun and pleasant moment thanks to its lightness and easy handling.

Manual pool cleaners are the most practical and economical way to keep your pool in perfect condition and enjoy crystal clear water. 

The manual pool cleaner must be connected to the suction hose that is connected to the pool's filtration system. The suction hose, terminals and pole can be purchased in our online store. 

Features Shark flexo manual pool cleaner:

  • Cleaning of small particles and sand from the pool bottom
  • Manufactured in high resistance polyethylene, thermoplastic materials of great strength and resistant to UV rays
  • Equipped with a suction hose connection with two possible diameters: 32 or 38 mm 
  • Great flexibility that allows a great efficiency in the cleaning of the pool floor
  • It stands out for its light displacement and great adherence thanks to the 8 wheels and the weights over-injected behind the wheels
  • Two fixing options: by means of a clip or by means of a wing nut
  • It is part of the Shark series, a range of pool accessories with an exclusive and innovative design 
  • The swimming pool pole as well as the suction hose and terminals are purchased separately
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