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Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3
  • Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3
  • Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3
  • Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3
  • Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3
  • Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3

Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3

  • Automatic robotic pool cleaner with hydraulic operation.
  • Ideal for inground and aboveground pools with rigid walls up to 9 x 5 m (30 x 16 ft).
  • Easy to install, connects directly to the suction inlet or skimmer.
  • Disc with fins for increased mobility

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Anonymous customer published the 06/06/2017 following an order made on 26/05/2017


Tenía uno parecido, por eso elegí este. Ahora a esperar el resultado. Gracias por todo. Atte. Francísca López.

Comment from Momentos Piscina the 15/06/2017
¡Gracias a ti, Francisca! Cualquier cosa que necesites estamos a tu disposición. Un saludo


Zodiac T3 automatic pool cleaner 

If you are looking for an optimal, easy and fast cleaning, the Zodiac T3 hydraulic pool cleaner is the ideal solution to clean your pool. It is a hydraulic equipment that works by suction so it connects directly to the suction inlet of the pump. 

The Zodiac T3 robot is characterized by an optimized mobility, a powerful suction motor, the ability to avoid obstacles and the safe connection without loss of suction.

Latest technology with Zodiac T3

The T3 pool cleaner is equipped with the latest technology to offer a simple and effective cleaning of the entire pool. 

  • Disc with fins that increase the mobility of the cleaner. Covers every corner of the pool and adapts to pools of any shape.
  • DiaCyclone suction technology for long-lasting efficiency. The T3 features the new patented DiaCyclone diaphragm inside. More flexible and resistant, this genuine motor improves suction capacity by up to 40% at the same flow rate.
  • Anti-blockage deflector to avoid obstacles. The T3 is equipped with an anti-blockage deflector that allows you to avoid obstacles that could hinder your movements: you can avoid steps, corners, stairs...
  • Twist Lock hoses secure connection without loss of suction. This patented technology guarantees maximum hose tightness thanks to a more reliable and totally secure connection. The hoses are easy to connect and easier to maintain. 

Features and advantages Zodiac T3

  • All types of pools Private in-ground pools and above-ground pools with rigid walls up to 9 x 5 m (30 x 16 ft)
  • All types of shapes: rectangular, oval and free form
  • All types of bottoms : flat, gentle slope, compound slope
  • All types of liners : gresite, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC, painted concrete
  • Easy to install

Technical characteristics of the Zodiac T3 robot

Maximum pool dimensions 9 x 5 m
Hose length 10 sections of 1 meter
Operating system Diaphragm
Cleaning zone Bottom 
Cleaning cycle 6 hours in 3 cycles of 2 hours
Power source Pool filtration equipment
Minimum pump power 1/2 HP
Installation By the user in the pool cleaner or skimmer inle
Type of waste Fine and medium
Cleaner dimensions 41 x 36 x 28 cm
Displacement Random
Filtration capacity Pool filtration circuit
Cleaning coverage 30 cm
Displacement speed 6,5 m/min

Zodiac T3 installation

For the installation of the Zodiac T3 it is important to take into account several factors and follow a few steps:

  1. The suction cleaner is connected directly to the vacuum point or skimmer. No electrical connection is needed.
  1. The length of the pool hose is the longest distance the cleaner can cover in the pool from the connection point (skimmer) to the farthest corner plus 1 meter. 
  2. To optimize the installation, perform the flow test and adjust the flow rate using the regulating valve. 

Zodiac T5 DUO installation

Accessories included with Zodiac T3 robot

  • Twist Lock hose
  • Anti-block hose
  • Flow meter
  • Automatic flow regulation valve (skimmer)
Data sheet


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