Cleaner hydraulic Zodiac T5 Duo

  • Robot cleaner automatic with hydraulic operation
  • For swimming pools buried up to 12 x 6 m.
  • Cleaning the pool becomes a task quick and easy.
  • Easy to install, connects directly to the outlet of the suction or skimmer.
  • Minimum power recommended for the pump: 3/4 HP.
Delivery within 3-5 days (ESP PER) / 7-10 (EU)


  • Patented technology DiaCyclone: aspiration even more powerful (+40 %).
  • Patented Duo Traction Control (DTC): 2 floppy disks independent that enhance its mobility and adhesion.
  • Deflector anti-lock to avoid stairs, angles, etc...
  • Hoses Twist Lock: secure connection without loss of suction.
  • Compact design, and durable

For what type of pools?

  • Types of swimming pools : swimming pools inground private swimming pools and off of the ground with rigid walls up to 12 x 6 m
  • Shapes: rectangular, oval and free form
  • All bottoms : flat, gentle slope, varying slope
  • Surfaces: tiles, liner, helmet of polyester, reinforced PVC, painted concrete


Duo Traction Control for maximum grip. The T5 can reach all areas of the pool thanks to its system of navigation control patented "Duo Traction Control": two discs, flexible, independent that improve mobility and adhesion, allowing for better cleaning of corners and walls of the pool.

Hoses Twist Lock connection, safe, no loss of suction. This patented technology ensures maximum tightness of the hose thanks to a more reliable connection and completely safe. Hoses connect easily and its maintenance is simpler.

Technology DiaCyclone aspiration of effectiveness durable. The T5 has in its interior with the new diaphragm patented DiaCyclone. More flexible durable, this authentic motor improves suction capability up to 40% with the same flow rate.

Deflector anti-lock to avoid obstacles. The T5 Duo is equipped with a deflector anti-lock that will allow you to overcome many of the obstacles that may hinder your movements: you can dodge steps, corners, stairs, etc.

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