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Invernador liquid HIVERN 5 L
  • Invernador liquid HIVERN 5 L
  • Invernador liquid HIVERN 5 L

Invernador liquid HIVERN 5 L

  • Invernador pool liquid HIVERN 5L
  • Ideal for keeping the water in swimming pools, inground tile
  • Prevents the proliferation of intense algae and bacteria in the water
  • It prevents the putrefaction of the water and the calcareous sediments
  • Makes cleaning easier in the spring and prevents the proliferation of algae
  • Compatible with all systems, filtration
  • Totally soluble in water
  • Liquid product, packaging of 5 L
  • Non-foaming

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Treatment of hibernation

The treatment of hibernate is done during the winter to prevent algae blooms and bacteria, and prevent the putrefaction of the water and the calcareous sediments in the water during this period of time. The invernadores for swimming pools are chemical-specific to maintain water clean and clear during the winter period, so we can conserve water throughout the year. E liquid invernador for pool Blaupool is a chemical product of the most efficient and effective for this type of treatment.

You can check out our article on how to overwinter the pool with all our tips and steps to follow.

The realization of a treatment of hibernate allows you to not have to empty the pool during the winter, a fact that represents a great saving in water. This saving is beneficial for the environment and for your pocket, since the commissioning of the next season will not be as costly. In addition, with a invernador quality as the HIVERN of Blaupool you can keep the pool water up to 4 seasons.

Steps to the hiberntaion os a swimming pool with the inernador Hivern

  • When the water temperature is below 15ºc, adjust the pH with pH MINUS or pH PLUS between 7.2 and 7.6 perform shock chlorination with DICLORO GR (10 g per m3 of water)
  • Stop the operation of the filter
  • The next day add the hibernador for swimming pools HIVERN (5 L / 100 m3 of water)
  • Stop running the filter for 8 hours to ensure a perfect distribution of the product in water.
  • The next day, perform a complete washing of the filter.
  • Cover the pool.
  • It is important to repetir the addition of HIVERN every 3 months (more or less at the beginning of the process and in the middle of this).
  • Washing of the filters (filter saturated): If the pressure gauge of the filter is located in the red stripe, it means that the filter is saturated. It will be necessary to perform a during backwashing.

Attention. The dose that we will discuss are guidelines, and if necessary should be modified in function of the characteristics of each pool, weather, external conditions, etc, We should also be careful with the prolonged contact of this product with the surfaces of the glass, liner, vinyl, polyester swimming pools, etc, as this invernador the discolor.

* For very cold climates it is recommended that the water level below the skimmers, drain the pipes and put some floating object on the surface to weaken the pressure of the ice.

* For moderate climates, operate periodically, the filtration equipment.

* Heavy rain: In the event of a rain important it is necessary to perform a shock treatment with DICLORO GR (10 g/m3). After making a circulation of the water for half an hour should be controlling the free chlorine and the pH.

If you have questions about the product or its operation please contact our experts.

You can also find in our store more types of invernador pool of various brands with different type of features for your swimming pool.

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