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Bromine in tablets Q-Brom 5 Kg

  • Disinfectant for swimming pools Bromogene
  • Bromine tablets for hot tubs, outdoor and indoor pools.
  • High tolerance to pH variations
  • Package of 5 kg in tablets of 20 gr.
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Bromine tablets 20 gr

Are you bothered by the smell of chlorine, sometimes an excess of chlorine causes itchy eyes or skin irritation? We can offer you an alternative to chlorine that disinfects the pool water with the same degree of effectiveness, bromine. It is a powerful oxidant very strong against bacteria, viruses or fungi in addition to removing impurities from the water.

The combination of bromine with organic amines (water) results in compounds called bromamines. Bromamines do not cause eye irritation or unpleasant odors. For this reason they are highly recommended for indoor pools and spas but can also be used for all types of indoor and outdoor pools.

Choosing bromine as a disinfectant

  • It is an effective disinfectant for swimming pools (bacteria, algae, fungi...).
  • Its disinfectant power tolerates pH variations between 7 and 8.
  • Destroys all organic matter present in water 
  • Does not produce irritation to the eyes or unpleasant odors.
  • Maintains its disinfection effectiveness up to 40ºC, that is why it is so widely used in spas and indoor pools.

Buy Bromogene disinfectant for swimming pools

For a correct maintenance of the pool, the following steps must be followed:

  • Start up the filter
  • Check the pH and adjust it to 7,2 - 7,6
  • Place 6-7 tablets every 50 m³ of water in the skimmers or floating dispensers. 
  • Maintain filtration for 6-8 hours.

          - Private pools: 1,0 - 3,0 ppm
          - Private spas: 2.0 - 4.0 ppm
          - Public pools: 3.0 - 5.0 ppm
          - Public spas: 4.0 - 6.0 ppm

A weekly check should be made with a bromine and pH analyzer kit to regulate the optimum levels of residual bromine.

After application of the product it is important to ensure that the bromine level is below 7.5 ppm before entering the pool.

NOTE: the number of tablets to be introduced will vary depending on the temperature, the hours of sunshine, the number of swimmers... Bromine levels should be tested 2-3 times a week and regulated according to the optimum value.

Bromine Bromogene properties

Appearance Cylindrical 20 g white-yellowish tablet
Odor Practically odorless
pH (1%) 2,7-3
Total halogen calculated as Br2 Min. 64.9%.

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5 Kg/L
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IGNACIO JOSE R. published the 16/03/2022 following an order made on 07/03/2022



Susana T. published the 07/02/2022 following an order made on 29/01/2022


Já é a segunda vez que compro esse bromo e estou muito satisfeita.

CARMELO C. published the 26/01/2022 following an order made on 17/01/2022


ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo

Diego A. published the 21/12/2021 following an order made on 17/12/2021


Un precio excelente, por lo que me llevo dos. Es pronto para valorar el producto ya que lo compro en prevision de la temporada que viene, pero siendo lo que es no creo que haya mucha diferencia entre marcas. Si mantienen estos precios repetiré seguro.

Helena S. published the 05/12/2021 following an order made on 27/11/2021


Cumple su función a un buen precio

Peter S. published the 27/10/2021 following an order made on 20/10/2021


first time i use it so too early to comment

Esther M. published the 13/10/2021 following an order made on 06/10/2021


Era lo que esperaba y a buen precio

Antonio M. published the 07/09/2021 following an order made on 28/08/2021


Todavía no lo he usado (me quedaba algo del anterior). No va ya en envase circular sino en cuadrado

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