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Chlorine stabilizer ClorProtect CTX-400
  • Chlorine stabilizer ClorProtect CTX-400
  • Chlorine stabilizer ClorProtect CTX-400

Chlorine stabilizer ClorProtect CTX-400

  • Chlorine stabilizer CTX-400
  • Prolongs the disinfectant action of chlorine in pool water.
  • Prevents chlorine reduction due to the effect of solar radiation.
  • Container of 4,5 Kg 

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Function of the chlorine stabilizer 

The chlorine stabilizer or isocyanuric acid stabilizer is responsible for prolonging the disinfecting effect of chlorine, thus keeping the pool water cleaner for a longer period of time. 

The isocyanuric acid works as a stabilizer, increasing the time that the chlorine acts in the pool disinfecting it. In trichlor or slow chlorine the percentage of useful chlorine is 90%, so the stabilizer is very present. 

The main problem of chlorine is the UV rays that act more strongly in summer causing the chlorine to dissolve faster. 

Advantages of chlorine stabilizer CTX-400

  • Prolongs the disinfectant action of chlorine.
  • Prevents the reduction of chlorine in the face of UV rays
  • Saves chemical product
  • For all types of pools

How to stabilize chlorine

  • Add at the beginning of the season 4 kg of ClorProtect CTX-400 per 100 m³ of water. Equivalent to 40 ppm of isocyanuric acid.
  • Keep the filtration system running and introduce ClorProtect into the skimmer or pump pre-filter.

The optimum level of isocyanuric acid is between 30-60 ppm. If it exceeds 75 ppm, the pool water should be replaced. To check the level of isocyanuric acid in your pool water you can purchase Aquachek test strips.

Properties ClorProtect CTX-400

Appearance Powdery solid
Color White
pH (0,2%) 4,5 - 5
Data sheet
Liner / Polyester
Water treatment with
Package size
5 Kg/L
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