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Multiaction in water soluble film CTX
  • Multiaction in water soluble film CTX
  • Multiaction in water soluble film CTX

Multiaction in water soluble film CTX

  • Multi-action chlorine with 5 effects
  • Disinfectant, algaecide, clarifier, fungicide and flocculant.
  • Includes 12 tablets of 250g, dosage of 2 tablets per week.
  • Water-soluble film that covers the tablet to prevent odor emission.

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Multifunctional chlorine tablets CTX

Multiaction chlorine in 250g tablets with 5 functions: disinfectant, algaecide, clarifier, fungicide and flocculant. Designed to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms with a single application in the pool water. In this way we will obtain a 100% disinfected and clean water.

Reasons to choose multiaction chlorine with water soluble film

  • For all types of pools and all types of filtration systems.
  • Single-dose format that facilitates the use of the product.
  • Composed of 12 tablets for 6 weeks of treatment (60m³). 2 tablets per week are recommended.
  • Reduces annoying chlorine odor thanks to the water-soluble film that protects the tablet and allows the reduction of odor emission inside and outside the vessel
  • Direct contact with chlorine is eliminated. The water-soluble film completely covers the product avoiding direct contact in handling, thus improving the use and interaction with the chemical product
  • 5 effects: Disinfection, Algaecide, Clarifying, Fungicide and Flocculant.

CTX multiaction chlorine dosage

Initial treatment

1. Check pH level at 7.2 - 7.6 ppm.
2. Add 10 gr. of granulated dichlorine per m³ of water.
3. Leave the equipment in filtration
4. After 2 hours, adjust with pH regulators.
5. Follow the maintenance treatment

Maintenance treatment

1. Check pH level at 7.2 - 7.6 ppm.
2. Add 2 multiaction tablets of 250g in the skimmer or dosing unit per 60m³ of water every 7-10 days.
3. Leave the filtration equipment running

Measure the chlorine and pH of your pool

For a correct maintenance of your pool water, it is important to control the pH and chlorine levels and regulate them to maintain the optimal values.

  • pH: 7.2-7.6 ppm
  • Free chlorine: 1-3 ppm
  • Total chlorine: 0.5-1.5 ppm

Less than optimum chlorine will cause bacterial and algae growth resulting in unhygienic and unpleasant conditions. Dosages may vary depending on the number of bathers, sunlight, water temperature or weather conditions. 

IMPORTANT: The initial treatment or shock treatment should be repeated whenever there is a lack of transparency in the pool water.

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