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WinterStar invernador for swimming pools liner CTX-551
  • WinterStar invernador for swimming pools liner CTX-551
  • WinterStar invernador for swimming pools liner CTX-551
  • WinterStar invernador for swimming pools liner CTX-551

WinterStar invernador for swimming pools liner CTX-551

  • Liner or polyester pool inverter CTX-551 WinterStar
  • For the hibernation of swimming pools with all types of filtration treatment
  • Prevents intense algae and bacteria growth in the water
  • Prevents water and lime sediments from rotting
  • Completely water-soluble
  • Non-foaming
  • Concentrated product: 1 litre for every 40-50 cubic metres 
  • 1L container

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Excelente produto.

Anonymous customer published the 20/11/2019 following an order made on 13/11/2019


Buen producto para piscinas con liner

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Comment from Momentos Piscina the 27/10/2017
Muchas gracias Roberto por tu confianza, cualquier otro producto que necesites para tu piscina ¡aqui estamos!. Un saludo.

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Perfecto para piscinas de liner

Comment from Momentos Piscina the 03/11/2016


CTX-551 WinterStar invernador pools liner or polyester

Invernador swimming pools for maintaining the water in outdoor pools during the winter, avoiding the proliferation of intense algae and bacteria, which produce the putrefaction of the water and the formation of calcareous sediments. It is a chemical pools specific for the process of winter storage. WinterStar CTX-551 allows you to keep a swimming pool clean and clear during the entire winter period. In addition, it is ideal for swimming pools buried tile.

You can check out our article on how to overwinter the pool with all our tips and steps to follow.

Added value of the invernador pool, CTX-551 WinterStar

  • Makes cleaning easier in the spring and prevents the proliferation of all types of algae
  • Product is not foaming
  • Compatible with all types of disinfection treatments (even with the P. H. m.b.)
  • Totally soluble in water
  • Compatible with all types of filtration systems

Not having to empty the pool during the winter represents a great saving in water, a fact beneficial for the environment and for your pocket, since the commissioning of the next season will not be as costly. In fact, you only need a shock treatment to return to enjoy it.

The invernador CTX prevents the proliferation of algae, so intense, as well as bacteria number in the water. In addition, this product, approved by our experts, helps to prevent the putrefaction of the water and the calcareous sediments.

We recommend that you take the wintering of your pool to contribute to saving of water and thus benefit the environment, your pocket and the saving of this precious resource.

The CTX-551 presents a quality-price ratio very striking, because it is effective (we can keep the water of our swimming pool up to 4 seasons) and its price is economic. Remember that to apply this type of product in the water must be at a temperature lower than 15ºC.

Tips of use to hibernate the pool

The doses listed are guidelines and if necessary should be modified in function of the characteristics of each pool, the weather, conditions.

Steps to follow (remember that the water should be at a temperature lower than 15 ° C):

  • Adjust the pH with pH MINUS or pH PLUS between 7.2 and 7.6 perform shock chlorination with TRICLOR GR (10 g per m3 of water)
  • Stop the operation of the filter
  • The next day add the hibernador for swimming pools WINTERSTAR CTX-551 (1 L / 40-50 m3 of water)
  • Stop running the filter for 8 hours to ensure a perfect distribution of the product in water.
  • The next day, perform a complete washing of the filter.
  • Cover the pool.
  • It is important to repeat the addition of WINTERSTAR CTX-551 every 3 months (more or less at the beginning of the process and in the middle of this).
  • Washing of the filters (filter saturated): If the pressure gauge of the filter is located in the red stripe, it means that the filter is saturated. It will be necessary to perform a during backwashing.

* For very cold climates it is recommended that the water level below the skimmers, drain the pipes and put some floating object on the surface to weaken the pressure of the ice.

* For moderate climates, operate periodically, the filtration equipment.

If you have questions about the product or its operation please contact our experts.

You can also find in our store more types of invernador pool of various brands with different type of features for your swimming pool.

Data sheet
Liner / Polyester
Water treatment with
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1 Kg/L
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