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Brush cutter ECHO BCLS 510 IS

Brush cutter forestry ECHO BCLS 510 IS, handlebar, double, professional, robust, IS-Start, low noise operation Low-Tone, anti-vibration, electronic ignition CDI, EUST2.

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  • You have the power necessary to clear the sites more difficult and allows you to clean up anyone the understory more difficult
  • Incorporates system Low-Tone, low noise level
  • Easy start IS-Start, which starts the first time without effort
  • The special design of its axis, shorter and with a thicker diameter, along with its anti-vibration system professional, make a special model for clean forest intensive
  • Equipped with a professional engine designed and manufactured in Japan, that complies with the second phase of the strict eu directive on emissions (EUST2), with a lower fuel consumption, low noise and less exhaust emissions
  • Its electronic ignition system CDI improves the behavior of the machine at any engine speed, and adjusts perfectly to every condition of work
  • Handlebar double is suitable to work both with the cutting disc as with nylon thread
  • Brush cutter-cut that serves to both large and small tracts of grass and weeds
  • Its lightness, combined with the power of your new engine will give the features that every professional looks for in a brush cutter
  • Enjoy low-noise operation and integrated technology of low vibrations, which makes a model very comfortable to work for long hours. Is maintained within the vibration levels set by the Directive 2002/44/EC, thus being a model, very attractive to local authorities and large contractors
  • It has an excellent power to weight ratio and is ultra-lightweightfor ultimate maneuverability and comfort of the user
  • Handlebar double, suitable to work both with the cutting disc as with nylon thread
  • Comes with metal disk 3-prong, protector, multifunction, safety glasses and double harness professional ERGO-PRO much more comfortable with hook emergency release, which allows you to pick up the machine quickly, so you can enjoy the work comfortably and well protected. Everything is designed for maximum safety for the user
  • The products ECHO are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and performance
  • ECHO offers in Spain general guarantee of the manufacturer of 5 years for all of their machines with an internal combustion motor 2T and the Battery's Series 50V (2 years for professional use), as well as a 2-year warranty for the batteries of the Battery Series 50V (warranty conditions may differ depending on the country or maintenance contracts, as is the availability of models, colors, technical specifications and accessories.)
  • The products ECHO are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and performance. This warranty is our statement of confidence and its distinctive


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