Blower ECHO PB 255 ES

Hand held blower ECHO PB 255 IS lightweight, quiet, tube, eccentric, anti spin, safe anchorage, throttle lock, easy start IS Start, EUST2

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  • Its powerful motor ensures the hand held blower ECHO PB 255 IS enough energy to work smoothly, with an excellent ratio weight-power, operating at high rpm and capacity of functioning in any position
  • It is a high-performance engine Euro Stage II, with less fuel consumption, low noise and less exhaust emissions
  • Revolutionary new boot system IS an easy Start that allows the implementation of 2-stroke engines the easy way and with minimal effort
  • The controls are strategically grouped, being easy to access and comfortable handling
  • The implementation in both cold and warm is very effective
  • System Cruise Control includes a throttle that allows you to set the power to an easy-to-use and comfortable. When the accelerator located in the locking position, engine power is maintained constant and the user can remove the hand throttle. At the same time, the location of the starter on the right, with the machine in working order, makes it more ergonomic
  • Unique system of rotational control, using a new tube anti-twist eccentric, unique ECHO, which prevents the machine to move laterally to the blow, easing the load on the wrist and the arm of the user
  • Reduces the effect "twist", making it lower the effort required to stop the rotation of the blower to the legs of the user. When we accelerate other similar equipment, is usually out of whack to the right, so accentuated. In contrast, the hand held blower ECHO PB 255 IS behaves very stable, to the point of allowing us to control the machine with a single finger
  • The fuel tank is transparent makes it easier to control consumption to the user
  • The air filter of high performance is plush with rubber around, easy maintenance and higher performance than the traditional sponge, allows you to work in the most adverse conditions in environments with a large amount of dust
  • The patented anchor EZ™ holds the tube connected to the blower is the safest way there is, with the lock latch, allowing the connection/disconnection of a pipe to the machine easy and safe way
  • The patented system connection POSI-LOC™ keeps the different sections of the tube blower is perfectly connected between them with total security
  • The products ECHO are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and performance
  • ECHO offers in Spain general guarantee of the manufacturer of 5 years for all of their machines with an internal combustion motor 2T and the Battery's Series 50V (2 years for professional use), as well as a 2-year warranty for the batteries of the Battery Series 50V (warranty conditions may differ depending on the country or maintenance contracts, as is the availability of models, colors, technical specifications and accessories.)
  • The products ECHO are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and performance. This warranty is your statement of confidence and its distinctive

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