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Aqua-Stop - sealing leaks

  • Seals all types of leaks.
  • Product specially formulated to seal small leaks and pores in swimming pools.
  • To plug pores or small cracks in surface or hydraulic circuit. 
  • Viscous liquid to be added to pool water.
  • Water miscible product that solidifies on contact with air.
  • Container.1.5 kg (1L)
  • New formula! More concentrated, more effective. 
  • Product NOT suitable for salt electrolysis pools
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP/PT) / 3-4 days (EUROPE)
envío en 24 horas

Leak plug for swimming pool AQUA-STOP:

Product to plug pores or small cracks on the surface or in the hydraulic circuit of the pool or spa. Product specially formulated to seal small leaks and pores in swimming pools. It is a viscous liquid that is added to the pool water that solidifies on contact with air.

This product is indicated for small cracks or pores, so if it is applied for larger leaks, the result may not be as expected. In this case, it is recommended to apply a second dose of product.

Add directly to the perimeter of the pool or via the skimmer in order to improve their performance

In 24 hours you will have the problem solved

Product efficacy spectacular


* You can seal pores up to 3 mm in diameter, if the leak is larger or there are several leaks, the effectiveness of the product cannot be guaranteed.

Instructions for use Leak sealant Aqua Stop

1. Turn off the pool pump, put the filter in a position to BY-PASS or RECIRCULATION, it is important that the product does not pass through the filter.

2. Add 1L for each 75 m³ of water.

    - If the leak is in the glass of the pool, adding the product directly into the surface water.

    - If you do not know where the leak is, or is located in the pipes, add the product through the skimmer.

3. Past 40 minutes to hook up the pump and make it work for a minimum of 8 hours.

4. Mark the level of the water, and after 24 hours check to see if has changed.

5. Pools very large, you may need a second application of the product.

6. Once the product has acted, you can put the filter in the normal position.

7. After 24 hours of adding the product, you may bathe in the water of the pool.

NOTE: If you have a salt electrolysis pool, Aqua-Stop can only be used if the product does not pass through the chlorinator.

In this example of installation, you can close the two valves that we show framed and in this way it will not pass through the chlorinator. 

Swimming pool equipment

Product Details

Data sheet

Etiqueta Connectif
Quimico piscina
Package size
1,5 Kg/L
verified reviews(52)

Gerrit D. published the 18/09/2022 following an order made on 07/09/2022


Nao usei ainda,. Da um dor irritate, no mesmo a embalagem e fechado.

ANTONIO G. published the 18/07/2022 following an order made on 04/07/2022


Creo que el producto ha funcionado correctamente

Domingo J. published the 15/07/2022 following an order made on 15/06/2022


No ha sido útil.

Manuel C. published the 24/06/2022 following an order made on 23/05/2022


No he conseguido sellar las fugas. Puede que no fuese la dosis adecuada. Es una piscina nueva, segundo año.

Alejandro N. published the 11/04/2022 following an order made on 01/04/2022


La verdad es que tenía dudas del resultado, pero al menos a corto plazo el resultado es satisfactorio.

Juan S. published the 19/10/2021 following an order made on 13/10/2021


de momento bien.

Rafael D. published the 14/10/2021 following an order made on 20/08/2021


De momento con la primera aplicación del producto, la fuga continua, lo haré otra vez a ver que tal.

Philip V. published the 08/10/2021 following an order made on 31/08/2021


el producto no resulta efectivo

Jenaro C. published the 05/10/2021 following an order made on 25/09/2021


Un cinco

Francisco O. published the 29/09/2021 following an order made on 20/09/2021


El envase es para 75 metros y la piscina tiene 50. Lo eché todo y quedaron muchos residuos en el fondo. La barredora de fondo solucionó el problema.

Federico G. published the 04/09/2021 following an order made on 30/08/2021


Ahora funciona...veré la semana próxima

Manuel V. published the 25/08/2021 following an order made on 13/07/2021


Compré dos envases y , siguiendo al pie de la letra las instrucciones que vienen en el paquete, no he conseguido el efecto deseado. La piscina de unos 100m3 sigue perdiendo un centímetro diario.

Nuria G. published the 18/08/2021 following an order made on 09/08/2021


Utilizé el producto en una piscina de unos 60.000litros y por ahora ha funcionado a la primera. La piscina no ha vuelto a perder. Muy contenta con el producto ya que es muy fácil de usar y el resultado ha sido muy bueno.

Francisco B. published the 18/08/2021 following an order made on 01/07/2021


Funcionó durante una semana que prácticamente dejó de perder agua. Al cabo de esa semana ha vuelto a perder la misma cantidad que antes. He repetido el tratamiento para ver si se soluciona. De momento muy descontento

ALFONSO S. published the 10/08/2021 following an order made on 04/08/2021


Por ahora va muy bien, después de dos días parece que ha taponado las fugas que tuviera

Felix C. published the 08/08/2021 following an order made on 03/08/2021


Muy bueno

Anonymous customer published the 08/08/2021 following an order made on 05/12/2020



Comment from Momentos Piscina the 09/07/2021
Lamentamos que no le haya funcionado, tal como se indica en la descripción del producto *Puede sellar poros de hasta 3 mm de diámetro, si la fuga es más grande o hay varias fugas no se puede garantizar la eficacia del producto.

Tiago N. published the 12/07/2021 following an order made on 30/06/2021


Funciona muito bem!

Paula C. published the 08/07/2021 following an order made on 04/07/2021


Funciona em pequenas fugas.

Victor L. published the 05/07/2021 following an order made on 29/05/2021


El año pasado compré solo un bote y la piscina dejó de perder todo el verano, este año he comprado 4 botes y de momento siguiendo las instrucciones la piscina sigue perdiendo agua, unos 4cm diarios. Ya veremos si deja de perder más adelante.

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