Back to sauna

Back to sauna

  • Back to sauna wood with ergonomic design.
  • Includes case cloth (inside of pvc/polyester. Washable up to 95ºC).
  • Backrest with two positions for sitting and/ stretching, so relaxed and comfortable.
  • Variable position through cork stoppers are non-slip.
  • Thickness of the side bar: 15mm, rods of 20mm.
  • Approximate height of 50.5 cm

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VAT included
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Back to sauna wood with sheath ergonomic design and natural finish perfect to sit or lie comfortably and appropriate for the back during the sessions of sauna and spa. Its curved shape and anatomical allows you to take a nice and comfortable position for the body.

This accessory spa is perfect to place in the different seats of the booths, a sauna, and thus to offer its users an option more comfortable to relax the body and mind.


Enjoy the comfort of sauna sessions at the same time that you relax and relieve those tension in the muscles of the back and posture optimal that offers the support of a sauna. In addition, it will fill up your cabin sauna of elegance, quality and distinction with an accessory of these features. Also includes pouch with touch of towel.

The back cover of Moments a swimming Pool is perfect for completing a sauna, spa or Wellness area, following the line of comfort and relaxation of these spaces of worship to the body. Add an accessory spa as this support gives the sauna an extra quality and comfort, getting users to be able to place the body in a posture completely correct for the health of the back and for the rest and relaxation of body and mind.

In addition, our support for wood for sauna with a sheath with inner PVC and polyester perfect to give even more comfort and convenience to the person. With the touch of the towel, the case for support is completely resistant to moisture, heat and sweat typical of these environments. You'll be able to wash the cover as often as you want and up to a temperature of 95ºC.

The backrest is made of wood and can be placed both in infrared cabins as steam saunas traditional. Thanks to their caps non-skid, you'll be able to place it on both sides and by both sides, as more comfort help you to have.

The wood is non-conductive of heat, so that with the support of a sauna of Times Pool you will not have to worry about overheating or burns.

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