Anticalcáreo No Phos

  • Phosphate-free antiscaling agent
  • Prevents incrustations on walls and sand in filters
  • Prevents lime scale build-up in pools without feeding algae
  • Excellent stability in chlorinated water
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

Avoiding lime scale in the pool 

Limescale promotes the appearance of calcareous incrustations on the walls and filtration equipment of the pool. In addition, in pools with salt electrolysis, scale can damage the chlorinator. If preventive maintenance is not carried out, a thick layer builds up that is more difficult to clean. 

No-Phos anti-scale reduces:

  • scale formation
  • clouding caused by iron
  • corrosion of pool heaters
  • foam deposits
  • filter clogging

In pools with very hard water and high mineral content, it is important to carry out this preventive treatment to avoid incrustations in the pool installations.

No-Phos lime sequestering agent

  1. Avoids lime incrustations on pool walls and filter sand.
  2. High stability in chlorinated water, so that the effect is long lasting
  3. Phosphate-free product, so it does not encourage algae proliferation.

Dosage of use No-Phos anti-lime scale remover

  • Initial treatment at the beginning of the season

           Apply 2,5L/100m³ of water in the pool. If the water is very hard, add 4L/100m³ of water.

  • Maintenance

          Apply 1L/100m³ of water per month. If the water is very hard or has a high mineral content apply 2 times a month.

Apply the product so that it is mixed and distributed throughout the pool. Leave the pump running. 

Product for saline pools

  • Extends the life of the equipment: Special chemicals formulated to be 100% compatible with electrolysis equipment. It does not deteriorate the titanium coated cell, making its useful life considerably longer.
  • Healthy and respectful: 100% free of toxic metal ions harmful to health, swimming pool and salt electrolysis. Does not cause stains on walls, hair coloring (green or purple), or incrustations of any kind.
  • Increases and improves performance: It does not degrade and is resistant to high concentrations of chlorine as it passes through the cell. Reinforces the equipment, in the most delicate moments, and with more demand of disinfectant.
  • Facilitates maintenance: Improves the chemical characteristics of the water, transparency and salubrity. Reduces maintenance time and cost
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