Spring filter kit Dolphin 9991468-ASSY

  • Original spare parts for pool cleaners
  • Set of 4 spring filtration Panels
  • Manufacturer's reference: 9991468-ASSY
  • Contact our experts if you have questions about the spare part you need
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

Spring Filtration Panels Dolphin 9991468-ASSY

Dolphin offers a wide range of pool cleaners with spare parts to replace the parts that are in poor condition and thus be able to put the cleaner running again to enjoy a clean and crystal clear water. 

The spring filter kit is composed of 4 filtration panels that effectively capture particles such as leaves, insects... The porosity level offered by this replacement is 90 microns. 

This type of filters are indicated to use during the first cleaning of the season and after a storm, when the pool is dirtier of leaves or bigger particles. For seasonal maintenance we recommend using the ultrafine filter to collect the smallest particles.

IMPORTANT: If your Dolphin cleaner contains the 9991461-ASSY filter basket you will need to purchase the 9991460-ASSY ultrafine filter first.

The spring filter kit is compatible with the following cleaners: 

  • Dolphin E10 / E20 / E25
  • Dolphin Seamaster AG / Seamaster CL
  • Dolphin Poolstyle / Poolstyle Plus
  • Dolphin SX10 / SX20
  • Dolphin Carrera 20 / Carrera 25
  • Dolphin Avalon 20 / Avalon 25
  • Dolphin Blue Maxi 20 / Blue Maxi 25
  • Dolphin Formula 20
  • Dolphin S100
  • Dolphin Cainan 1
  • Dolphin Hammer
  • Dolphin ZFun
  • Dolphin Energy C

Video of changing from spring to ultrafine filter panels

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Francisco P. published the 23/06/2021 following an order made on 15/06/2021


El material llegó perfectamente envasado y en perfectas condiciones

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Original spare parts for pool cleaners Spring filtration for large and small particles Manufacturer's reference: 9991461-ASSY Contact our experts if you have questions about the spare part you need

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