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Roller tube Dolphin 99955951-ASSY
  • Roller tube Dolphin 99955951-ASSY
  • Roller tube Dolphin 99955951-ASSY

Roller tube Dolphin 99955951-ASSY

  • Original spare parts for pool cleaners
  • Brush tube set
  • Manufacturer's reference: 99955951-ASSY
  • Official distributor

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Brush tube assembly Dolphin

Having the brushes in good condition is one of the most important factors, since they are responsible for providing the adherence and traction necessary for the cleaner to work properly. That is why it is also important that all components are kept in good condition such as the roller tube.

The roller tube assembly where the brush is placed is composed of:

  • Inner tube (1)
  • Outer tube (2)
  • Stop ring (3)
  • Wheel bearing (4)
  • Cork for wheel inner tube (5)

Replace the damaged or deteriorated assembly with a new one and enjoy maximum performance again. The 99955951 roller tube is compatible with Dolphin cleaners with a drive motor, based on the compatible models listed. 

The roller tube assembly is compatible with Dolphin models:

  • Dolphin Pool In / Pool Up
  • Dolphin Active 3 / Active Classic
  • Dolphin Zenit 10 / Zenit 15
  • Dolphin Acuarius R4 
  • Dolphin Logic ECO 40
  • Dolphin M200
  • Dolphin Supreme M3 / Supreme M4
  • Dolphin Master M3 / Master M4
  • Dolphin DX3 
  • Dolphin Triton 
  • Dolphin Explorer
  • Dolphin Easykleen
  • Dolphin LR5
  • Dolphin Swift
  • Dolphin Swash / Swash CL
  • Dolphin Sprite B
  • Dolphin Pulit E50 / Pulit E55
  • Dolhpin Moby
  • Dolphin Floorcova
  • Dolphin Galaxy
  • Dolphin Saturn
  • Dolphin M200
  • Dolphin F40
  • Dolphin SF40
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