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Dolphin PVC Brush 6101602
  • Dolphin PVC Brush 6101602

Dolphin PVC Brush 6101602

  • Original spare parts for pool cleaners
  • Standard PVC brush for pools with liners where extra adhesion is not required
  • Manufacturer's reference: 6101602
  • Contact our team if you have any doubts about the spare part you need

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Anonymous customer published the 29/06/2021 following an order made on 21/06/2021


Producto perfecto.


Grey PVC brush Dolphin 6101602

One of the most purchased spare parts and therefore that suffer more wear are the brushes, since they are in contact with the surface and the ones that provide the grip to the robot to perform the cleaning. It is important that they are in good condition and that the ideal brush is purchased depending on the type of pool. 

It is important to buy Dolphin brushes that are suitable for the type of pool, otherwise there may be a lack of adherence and the pool robot may have difficulty moving. 

  • PVC brushes: ideal for pools with cement, PVC and liner coatings.
  • Combined brushes: perfect for rustic ceramic and fiberglass liners. 
  • PVA brushes: total adherence with very slippery ceramic coatings.

For pools with slippery floors, we recommend purchasing a combined or PVA brush. If there is no adhesion on the surface, it can cause the robot not to move, not to climb walls or not to perform the filtration well. 

The gray PVC brush 6101602 is for cleaners that have a front and rear brush. Therefore they have a single traction motor.

For greater grip and therefore greater traction capacity, we recommend replacing both brushes.

The PVC brush 6101602 is compatible with the following models:

  • Dolphin Active Classic / Active X3.5 / Active X3
  • Dolphin 3 
  • Dolphin Logic Eco 40
  • Dolphin F40
  • Dolphin Explorer
  • Dolphin SF 40
  • Dolphin Acuarius R2 / Acuarius R4
  • Dolphin Zenit 10 / Zenit 12 / Zenit 15
  • Dolphin W20
  • Dolphin 2X2
  • Dolphin Prox2
  • Dolphin Apogon Bc / Apogon Cc
  • Dolphin Master M3 / Master M4
  • Dolphin Supreme M3 / Supreme M4
  • Dolphin Saturn
  • Dolphin M200
  • Dolphin Capaz
  • Dolphin Sprite B / Sprite C
  • Dolphin DX3
  • Dolphin Seamaster INT
  • Dolphin E30 / E35 / E40i
  • Dolphin Cainan 2 / Cainan 3 / Cainan 3i
  • Dolphin Hammer Plus
  • Dolphin Avalon 30
  • Dolphin Carrera 30 / Carrera 35 / Carrera 40i
  • Dolphin 2x2 GYRO
  • Dolphin Swift
  • Dolphin 2001 / 3001
  • Dolphin Easykleen / Superkleen
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