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Reducer pH-Minus in bags BAYROL
  • Reducer pH-Minus in bags BAYROL
  • Reducer pH-Minus in bags BAYROL
  • Reducer pH-Minus in bags BAYROL
  • Reducer pH-Minus in bags BAYROL

Reducer pH-Minus in bags BAYROL

  • PH decreaser in bags
  • Rapid dissolution and complete
  • Easy úso with bags predosificadas
  • Not clouding the water
  • Box of 2 kg with 4 bags of 500 g


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The granular pH-Minus on bags decreases the pH value of the water and is used when the pH is above 7.4. The grain is delivered in bags predosificadas that simplify your dosing and make the adjustment of the pH of the pool is especially easy.

To decrease the pH by 0.5 units, dispensing one bag per every 10 m3 of water.

Function of the product

Regulation of pH

pH-Minus in bags allows you to decrease pH values higher than 7.4. Its high purity chemistry ensures rapid and effective action. Easy dispensing thanks to the bags predosificadas.

Advantages of pH-Minus

  1. Rapid dissolution and complete
  2. In bags predosificadas more easy-to-use
  3. Not clouding the water

Description of the product

Granular acid

Compatible with all the treatments (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc), with all the filtration systems (sand, cartridge, diatomaceous earth, etc) and with all coatings (liner, tile, cement with marble dust, polyester). Contains: sodium bisulfate

Mode of employment

  1. Analysis of the pH-value is two times per week, each time you add new water, and after rain. To ensure a bathroom is nice and disinfectants act optimally, keeping the pH between 7,0-7,4 (7,4-7,6 with bromine).
  2. Dosing of pH-Minus directly at various points of the swimming pool and in front of the nozzles for supply air, with filtration in place and letting it run continuously. Do not dispense in the skimmer.
  3. After the treatment, quit the leakage of 2 to 3 hours, to control the pH value, and readjusted if necessary.
  4. Pour all the contents of the bag and rinse it after with water from the pool. Recommendations: The filtration should work each day (at least for a time equal to the water temperature divided by 2). Do this treatment preferably in the evening, after the last shower of the day. If the water is soft it may be necessary to dispense more amount. Warnings: do Not mix never different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add product to water and never the reverse. Not dose never more than 200 g of pH-Minus for every 10 m3 of water, by treatment
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Liner / Polyester
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