Handle fixed aluminum 2,5 m wing nut

  • Fixed pool handle for pool for perfect maintenance
  • 2.5 m length for optimal range
  • Fixing by means of a wing nut
  • Classic Astralpool cleaning accessories


The fixed handle is a necessary cleaning accessory for optimal pool maintenance. It is a swimming pool accessory that can be attached to other complete accessories such as the leaf collector, the brush and the manual pool cleaner. The main function is to reach all the corners where dirt accumulates in order to collect it with the appropriate accessories. It is important to take into account the size of the pool and the type of attachment when choosing the ideal pool handle or pole. 

Depending on the size of the pool, it is advisable to buy a pool pole that is larger than the width and depth of the pool to reach all areas and corners of the pool. In this case the handle is fixed and 2.5 m long, if you need more length you can acquire the telescopic handle. Depending on the type of fixation, differs of clips or wing nut, to be chosen according to the type of fixation of the other pool accessories.  

Characteristics fixed aluminium handle:

  • 2.5 meter long fixed aluminium handle
  • To be coupled with leaf collectors, brushes and manual pool cleaners
  • Made of anodized aluminum for greater strength and durability
  • Fixing by means of a wing nut
  • Cleaning material Classic Astralpool, offer quality and guarantee
  • You can purchase other pool accessories such as leaf collectors, brushes and manual pool cleaners in our online store
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