Gasoline stabilizer Honda Pro 250ml

The gasoline stabilizer Honda preserves and protects the aging and oxidation throughout the fuel system of your vehicle. Prevents corrosion and is suitable for all types of classic vehicles or motorcycles, both with engines 2 and 4 times.

Increases the security of good performance and has a long lasting effect.



  • Suitable for all types of gasoline engines combustion, aspirated or turbo-charged.
  • It does not attack the catalysts.
  • Prevents the formation of sludge in the fuel.
  • Eliminates the need to empty the tank.
  • Recommended as a preventative application.

Mode of use

  • Add 25 ml for every 5 liters of gasoline.
  • The pot of 250 ml is used for 50 liters of gasoline in total.
  • Suitable for the permanent use of engines of sporadic use.
Product Details

Data sheet

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