Algiklean - Algaecide and rinse aid

  • Double action product: algaecide and rinse aid.
  • Special for salt electrolysis and pools treated with active oxygen.
  • Does not produce foam and does not contain metallic ions.
  • For use in maintenance or as a shock treatment
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

Chemical products for saline chlorination

The swimming pools that use as method of disinfection the saline electrolysis have to take into account that the chlorinator is delicate and that it is necessary to watch out with the chemical products that are used. Since they can affect its operation and deteriorate the salt chlorinator.

For this reason we have chemical products suitable for salt equipment. We have an extensive range of special Piscimar products for the care of the cell and for the different problems of the water of the swimming pools how turbidity, high level of phosphates, lack of transparency, among others. 

Saline pool green water 

  • Solution for swimming pools with salt electrolysis Algiklean:
  • Algaecide and rinse aid
  • Compatible and ideal to reinforce salt electrolysis equipment.
  • For use as a base algaecide (preventive) or for shock treatment.
  • Does not produce foam
  • Does not contain metallic ions
  • Kills bacteria, fungi and algae

The algaecide is a preventive product to avoid the proliferation of algae in the pool, so we recommend its use as a maintenance product.

Algiklean algaecide instructions for use

  1. Check pH level and regulate to 7.2-7.6 ppm.
  2. Check total chlorine level 0.5-1.5 ppm
  3. Test phosphate level with Insta Test, if above 100 ppb apply Phos Out
  4. Add Algiklean directly into the pool with the filter running

          - Initial and shock treatment: 2L/100m³
          - Maintenance dose: 1L/100m³ once a month

Product for salt electrolysis pools

  • Extends equipment life: Special chemicals formulated to be 100% compatible with electrolysis equipment. Does not deteriorate the titanium coated cell, making its useful life considerably longer.
  • Healthy and respectful: 100% free of toxic metal ions harmful to health, swimming pool and salt electrolysis. Does not cause stains on walls, hair coloring (green or purple), or incrustations of any kind.
  • Increases and improves performance: It does not degrade and is resistant to high concentrations of chlorine as it passes through the cell. Reinforces the equipment, in the most delicate moments, and with more demand of disinfectant.
  • Facilitates maintenance: Improves the chemical characteristics of the water, transparency and salubrity. Reduces maintenance time and cost

Video of the steps to follow for a 100% clean pool

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Es un producto antialgas que a priori y comparado con otros similares te parece caro, pero te aseguro que todo lo contrario, utilizas menos cantidad y solo una vez al mes, no aparecen algas y te olvidas pues el agua siempre estará limpia.

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