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Stones for sauna 10 kg

  • Volcanic stones for saunas.
  • High heating capacity.
  • Extremely durable and robust.
  • Made of olivine-diabase.
  • Approximate size 8-10 cm
  • Container of 10 kg

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The volcanic stones for sauna that is used as a heating of the sauna must have a special set of characteristics for use in saunas and electric heaters. These stones are special for this function, as in the case of use of stones of another kind, these would not get the desired results, and may even cause problems in the stoves and electric heaters


The stones of sauna Moments Pool are volcanic stones that are specific to put in the stoves or electric heaters that help heat the saunas. These stones are very porous and have a size between about 8 and 10 cm, an ideal size for placing on stoves, and electric heaters.

The stones heating for saunas have a large heat capacity and heat retention. They feature a great resistance and durability thanks to its quality and robustness. These stones are prepared to withstand large fluctuations in temperature, which makes them perfect for cabins, sauna. The stones are heating, give the sauna a experience practical and comfortable and make a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Added to your sauna, the most significant element of these spaces with the stones heating for saunas of Moments Pool. A container with 10 kilos of stones of a size perfect for use in saunas and with a great resistance and durability.


  • Wash the stones before the first use. 
  • Place the larger stones underneath and the smaller ones on top. 
  • Check the state of the stones once a year and replace the worn ones. 
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verified reviews(5)

Rafael C. published the 14/07/2021 following an order made on 05/07/2021



Anonymous customer published the 20/01/2021 following an order made on 14/01/2021


Perfeitamente funcionais. Produto bem acondicionado. Estas são as primeiras pedras que compro para o meu Harvia BC35, o qual leva 12kg de pedras. Foi a melhor alternativa económica às pedras da Harvia cuja embalagem tem 20KG. Já utilizei durante 12 horas e funcionam bem, sem estalos ou projecções de partículas.

Anonymous customer published the 20/10/2020 following an order made on 12/10/2020


Estaban completamente secas tal y como se requiere para una sauna. Sí son de mejor o peor calidad no puedo valorar porque tendría que pesar una piedra fria, luego en estado caliente y luego en frio otra vez para leer un resultado.

Anonymous customer published the 12/11/2019 following an order made on 06/11/2019



Anonymous customer published the 26/10/2017 following an order made on 05/10/2017


Perfectas. Buen tamaño

Comment from Momentos Piscina the 27/10/2017
Muchas gracias Ana Victoria por tu comentario. Cualquier otro producto para la sauna que necesites estamos a tu disposición. Un saludo.

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