Thermohygrometer for sauna

  • Precision instrument to measure temperature and moisture in saunas and spas
  • Combines thermometer and hygrometer in a single meter.
  • Designed and manufactured for use in the interior of the sauna.
  • Sphere of white color and housing color black.
  • Totally mechanical. Does not require battery.
  • Diameter of 135 mm

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To get the perfect conditions to enjoy of a warm atmosphere and relaxing in a sauna can be complex. We must keep the environment of our space to a temperature and a humidity of concrete in order to achieve this ideal environment of a sauna. That's why having a meter of these two elements will assist us to achieve the ideal setting of our relaxation area.


Stay informed of the temperature and the relative humidity in the interior of the sauna with the help of a thermometer and hygrometer, integrated in the same element.

The thermo-hygrometer for sauna Moments a swimming Pool is a perfect item to measure both elements in a single fixture, allowing a query of both fast and clear. Another of the advantages of using the thermohygrometer of Moments a swimming Pool is that this works entirely by mechanical force, so that it does not need external power, such as batteries, to function.

Maintaining an optimal level both of the temperature and of the humidity of the sauna you will be able to create the right environment to enjoy all the advantages that it can offer a sauna.

This thermometer and hygrometer allows you to monitor the temperature range (0ºC - 120ºC) and the range of humidity (0% - 100%) that lies in the space in a single meter.

By having different scales it is possible to measure both factors in the same utensil, so that the optimization of space in the sauna and time to find the parameters is improved with this thermo-hygrometer combo.


  • Thermometer and hygrometer combo.
  • Range of temperature: 0ºC - 120ºC
  • Humidity range: 0% - 100%
  • Thermometer analog
  • Hygrometer analog of hair
  • Sphere of white color and housing color black.
  • Totally mechanical. Does not require battery.
  • Plastic body
  • To hang
  • Diameter of 135 mm

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