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Treatment exterior wood

Choosing a treatment exterior wood quality is essential to maintain the beauty and good state of our outdoor space. From treatments to clean wood, stone, stainless steel or even facades and roofs, the range of products Froschemie offers all kinds of solutions to take care of your outdoor space. In our store of pools and accessories garden you will find the necessary products to protect, nourish, beautify and clean the exterior materials at a very economical price. ¡Discover them all!

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€18.50 €21.00
Wood Lasur PRO 5 Froschemie. Protective decorative wood open pore (allows the wood to "breathe"). High penetration, elasticity and durability to the weather. High resistance to the rays U. V. from the sun. Waterproofs...
€15.40 €18.60
Lasur wood PRO 3 Froschemie. Protective decorative wood open pore (allows the wood to "breathe"). High penetration, elasticity and durability to the weather. Waterproofs the wood in front of the water. Great...
Background primer wood BLOQQ of Froschemie. Primer-blocking tannins. Prevents the appearance of spots. It prevents the loss d coating adhesion. More uniform absorption of colour in the finish later. Allows for the...
€11.52 €15.82
Oil for teak natural Froschemie. For the protection of all kinds of hardwoods, especially tropical species, and exotic. Suitable for the maintenance of garden furniture, wooden floors, etc It can be applied on wood...
Lasur wood DECKK of Froschemie. Protective decorative wood water-based finish for both exterior and interior. The product is specially designed for wood floors next to swimming pools!! High penetration, elasticity and...
€21.45 €23.87
Cleaner wood in aqueous-based Froschemie. Cleaner for tropical timber, especially suitable for outdoor furniture. Product highly recommended as a step prior to maintenance with lasures. Cleaner with great power...
€21.47 €23.89
Cleaner stone in aqueous-based Froschemie. Cleaner for walls, stone floors, terraces, brick walls, etc Can be used for the cleaning of awnings and upholstery external. The application of Cleaner Stone once a year...
saturador madera
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€18.88 €21.68
Saturator wood in aqueous-based Froshemie. Treatment of wood suitable for outdoor flooring, lamas, european, exotic woods and resinous. High power of penetration based on oils that weatherproof the wood and protects...
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