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Treatment exterior wood

Choosing a quality exterior wood treatment is essential in order to maintain the beauty and good condition of our exterior space. High and low temperatures, rain or humidity are some of the factors that influence the deterioration of wood. That is why wood requires the application of several products for its maintenance. 

Froschemie products provide various advantages such as a better appearance of the exterior wood, providing resistance and hardness, greater durability...among other advantages. Treating wood is a good option and we have treatments to clean wood, stone, stainless steel or even facades and roofs, all kinds of solutions to take care of your outdoor space.

In our store swimming pools and garden accessories you will find the necessary products to protect, nourish, beautify and clean the exterior materials at a very economic price. Discover them all! 

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Lasur wood - PRO 3

€38.04 €41.24 -€3.20

Protective wood Barosit W300

€15.32 €18.32 -€3.00

Protective wood Barosit S700

€8.52 €12.02 -€3.50

Treatment wood CREOSOL


Lasur wood DECKK


Cleaner Wood

€17.73 €19.73 -€2.00

Cleaner Stone

€17.74 €19.74 -€2.00

Saturator Wood

€15.12 €17.92 -€2.80

Water-repellent treatment HIDROFROS