Pull-Boy tri-colour thermoforming

  • Pull-Boy tri-colour thermoforming
  • Pull-Boy MULTI LAYER
  • Measures: 23 x 8 x 15 cm
  • Made of EVA foam which is very soft.
  • Composition of high density which gives a higher buoyancy.
  • Combination of different colors and wrapped in protective plastic.
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

The pull-boy is an auxiliary element of swimming use number: place it between the legs, gripping with the thighs, and swimming, leaving the legs relaxed and pulling of the arms.
This helps the hip is lifted, and the legs at the correct angle, thus helping in the correct position of the body. Can also be used to work legs, taking subject with the hands in front, as if it were a table.

It is also used for work of a kick, crawl stroke, you can take it on top of the head to working position in water polo and swimming rescue, you can put it under the head to make it back to help the buoyancy of this.

Exercise with Pull-Boy


Posición para el Taxi de agua

Areas to work: correction of swimming technique

Equipment needed: pull-boy (buoy swimming)

  1. The pull-boy is an excellent aid to the buoyancy of the lower area of the body.
  2. It is a useful exercise for aquatic therapy, rehabilitation and even to to perfect the technique of elite athletes.
  3. To use the pull-boy shall put it between the legs, to the height of the knees or the ankles.
  4. Do pools with the pull-boy will help you improve your body position in the water, so that it can achieve an improvement in the movement.
  5. Even so, it is not advised to its constant use, but for those swimmers who want to correct their position at the time of swimming and avoid the body we drag it sunk in the water.

I see more exercises under the water!

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