Sprinkler TORO 690

Sprinkler TORO 690

  • Sprinkler irrigation TORO 690 series
  • Official distributor
  • Warranty of 3 years.
VAT included
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)
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Features sprinkler irrigation TORO 690 series

  • Features of radius and flow are perfect for watering plots of artificial playing fields for football.
  • Allows individual control of each head, adapted to different soils, lawns and grounds,regulation of pressure to all the nozzles operate at the same pressure, together with manual control of on/off in the head.
  • 9 types of fixed arc ensure positive retention of the coverage area, without variation of the arc.
  • Operate at a slower speed in the area is not blown, and higher speed in the areas that are blown, to offer a pluviometria uniform.

Specifications sprinkler irrigation TORO 690 series

  • Body diameter: 254 mm (10”)
  • Height: 405 mm (16”)

  • Radius: 26,5–33,0 m (87’-108’)
  • Flow rate: 193-311 lpm (51.0–82.2 GPM)
  • Working pressure: 5,5–10,3 bar (80-150 psi)
  • Lift height to nozzle: 20 mm (¾”)
  • Inlet: 38 mm NPT (1½”)
  • Check-O-Matic: it Retains a column of water of 11.2 m (37’)
  • Solenoid valve in head: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Consumption at start: 60 Hz; 0,30 amps
  • Current maintenance: 60 Hz, 0,20 amp
  • All internal components are accessible from above

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