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Nozzle TORO irrigation Precision

Nozzle TORO irrigation Precision

  • Nozzle irrigation TORO Precision series.
  • Official distributor.
  • The line of spray nozzles the most complete and efficient.
  • Help to manage water use, eliminate runoff, thus reducing the consumption of water.
  • 2 years of warranty.
VAT included
Delivery in 3-5 days (ESP and POR) / 5-7 days (FRA)

Features nozzle TORO irrigation Precision series

  • Your chip patented generates oscillating streams of high frequency, with caliber, drop uniform, ensuring a more defined edge and greater consistency.
  • The droplets larger and more uniform control application of up to 3.8 bar, improving the resistance to the wind.
  • Place the water in the desired area, reducing runoff, and watering of paved areas.
  • Rainfall of 25 mm/h, assimilating the performance of distribution of a sprinkler.
  • Decreases the volume by up to 42% compared with spraying nozzles for the conventional.
  • Matched precipitation rates even with a decrease of the radius of the 20%, with a 50% more heads per zone.
  • 5-spoke, 9 bows and 6 bows specialty, with choices of male or female threaded.
  • Colour coding for better identification.

Additional features nozzle TORO irrigation Precision series

  • Maximum adjustment of radio: 25%
  • Trajectory maximum: 27.
  • Mesh filter pre-assembly in the nozzle, thus facilitating its introduction into the body of the diffuser.
  • Works in all types and sizes of bodies 570.

Specifications nozzle TORO irrigation Precision series

  • Radius: 1.5 m–4.6 m (5'-15')
  • Working pressure: 1,37–3,44 bar (20-50 psi) maximum: 5,17 bar (75 psi)
  • Flow rate: 0,15–39 l/min (0,038–10,4 GPM)

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