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Nozzle TORO irrigation Precision Rotating

  • Nozzle irrigation TORO Precision series Rotating.
  • Official distributor
  • Supported in the design of the sprinkler gear leader of the world for golf applications.
  • Offers irrigation patterns wind-resistant, with multiple jets and trajectories.
  • Their model of full-circle and adjustable arc avoids the necessity of extending the cycles of watering to compensate for dry spots.
  • With a pluviometria constant, facilitates the fulfilment of schedules of irrigation and strict.
  • 5 years warranty
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

Features Nozzle TORO Precision series Rotating

  • Use a universal transmission, variable stator and turbine to rotate the nozzle. With a set of gears housed under the filter of fine mesh. The particles by their size enter the filter will exit through the plate from the nozzle by its multiple jets.
  • To cover all the radios (from 45 ° to 360°) only need two models with male thread and two female threads.
  • Apply water more slowly and evenly which nozzles are conventional. Its pluviometry avoids the need to increase the watering time.
  • Unlike other models, does not depend on the pressure. Its mechanism gives a consistent speed of rotation, preventing cale with low-pressure, and allows a greater pressure of (1.4-5.2 bar)
  • Provides a power output 10 times higher than that of other models, ensuring a positive rotation without slowing down by environmental factors, such as sheets or residuios depressing the nozzle.

Specifications Nozzle TORO Precision series Rotating

  • Radio: 4,3 m–7,9 m (14'-26')
  • Working pressure: 1,4–3,8 bar (20-55 psi) maximum: 5.2 bar (75 psi)
  • Flow rate: 0,6–13,9 l/min (0,4–3,8 GPM)

Male thread

  • PRN-TA Thread Bull, 4,3 m–7,9 m (14'-26'), adjustable from 45° to 270°
  • PRN-TF Thread Bull, 4,3 m–7,9 m (14-26'), full circle

Female thread

  • PRN-TO: Threading, 4,3 m–7,9 m (14'-26'), adjustable from 45° to 270°
  • PRN-F: Threaded, 4,3 m–7,9 m (14'-26'), full circle

Additional features Nozzle TORO Precision series Rotating

  • 15 jets exclusive, with different backgrounds
  • Maximum height in the trajectory of 20° to combat the wind
  • Is screwed into virtually any spray head or shrub adapters (male and female)
  • Mesh filter pre-installed for ease of installation
  • Radius setting of 25% by turning 60° to the screw fastening
  • Color-coded to identify the nozzles adjustable or full circle
  • Rainfall = 14 mm/h (0,55"/h) in systems of spacing square
  • Maintains precipitation rate as radius is reduced
  • Matched precipitation rates between 4.3 m and 7.9 m (14' and 26')
  • Matched precipitation rates between 1.4 and 5.2 bar (20 to 75 psi)
  • Adjustable by hand or with the tool included (one per bag)
  • Constant speed of rotation, whatever the pressure

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