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Diffuser TORO irrigation 570 Z

Diffuser TORO irrigation 570 Z

  • Diffuser TORO irrigation Series 570Z.
  • With entry female thread 1/2" (12.7 mm).
  • System X-FLOW that reduces 99% loss of water in case of leakage.
  • Recommended for gardens of average size and spaces difficult.
  • Wide variety of nozzles, 115 in total, to cope with a multitude of situations.
  • Official distributor BULL.
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Entrega en 3-5 días (ESP y POR) / 5-7 días (FRA)
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Highlights of the Diffuser TORO irrigation 570 Z

  • It has a board of hermetic closure that prevents the outflow of water in the elevation.
  • Has different body sizes, addressing the diverse needs of installation.
  • Wide variety of nozzles, 115 in total, to cope with a multitude of situations.
  • Simple re-placement of the irrigated arc, by the piston rod with ratcheting.

Features Diffuser TORO irrigation 570 Z

  • Compound for plastic for great durability
  • Pier contraction of stainless steel.
  • To prevent drain into low-lying areas, and to keep the pipes loaded (optional), the various models of the diffuser equipped with a check valve spring-high strength.
  • In the case of sandy land, or applications with altar pressure variations, the side-outlet is available in models from 6" and 12".
  • Bodies supplied with drainage plug, for a simple purging of the piping and easy extraction of the stem of the diffuser.
  • In the case of applications of low pluviometria, you agree to the nozzles Maxijet.
  • Compatible with all nozzles and diffusers TORO, including the nozzle burbujeadora 570 MPR, TVAN and low angle nozzles.
  • Black cap small diameter (2"), with a lower visibility reduces the probability of vandalism.
  • Purge of water in the retraction removes dirt and ensures a complete closure of the diffuser.
  • It has an air seal at low pressure to 1 bar.
  • Account with the amount of blowdown to zero, eliminating the loss of flow rate while it rises, being able to place more diffusers in the same station or sector of irrigation.

Specifications Diffuser for TORO irrigation 570 Z

  • Spacing: 0,6-5,2 m (2'-17').
  • Flow rate: 0,2-17 lpm (0.05-4.58 GPM).
  • Recommended pressure: 1,4 to 3,5 bars.
  • Minimum operating working pressure for model COM: 1.7 Bar (25 PSI).
  • Maximum pressure: 5,2 bar.
  • Outlet female thread 1/2".
  • Valve Check-O-Matic keeps a water column of 3 m (With the valve Check-O-Matic it is necessary to use the lower outlet).
  • Dimensions:
  • Diameter of the body:

35mm on bodies of 2", 3", 4" and 6"- IF
-41 mm in bodies of 300 mm
-44 mm in bodies of 300 mm - IF

  • Diameter of cap: 50 mm (2").
  • Side-outlet: 120 mm from the top of the diffuser to the center of the side-outlet.

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