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Pump Kripsol KORAL KSE 300 T1.B
  • Pump Kripsol KORAL KSE 300 T1.B
  • Pump Kripsol KORAL KSE 300 T1.B
  • Pump Kripsol KORAL KSE 300 T1.B
  • Pump Kripsol KORAL KSE 300 T1.B

Pump Kripsol KORAL KSE 300 T1.B

  • Pump Kripsol KSE 300 3 HP three-Phase.
  • Fittings link included.
  • Model compatible with Kripsol KS 300T
  • Can be used with sea water.
  • This model replaces the pump Fiberpool TT-300l-phase 3cv, reference XBTTT030, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It may require some adjustment of the installation.


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Pumps Kripsol Koral KSE

Kripsol pool pumps are distinguished by their guarantee certificates that ensure the quality of all their products. Among the most outstanding models we distinguish the KORAL KSE series, which stands out for being robust, resistant and reliable. 

The Koral KSE self-priming pump is perfect for private pools up to 177 m³, they can also be used with salt water, discover the advantages and technical features of the KSE series and choose from a wide range of CV.

The KORAL KSE series stands out for being the highest performance pump with the lowest noise impact. It is also characterized by unmatched hydraulics and long life. 

Koral KSE pump advantages

  • Optimized, super-quiet hydraulics
  • Visible filter interior, easy and quick access
  • Corrosion-free, highly durable Noryl turbine
  • Easy-open, tool-free double bleed 
  • Connections: including Ø 50 (0.33 - 1 hp) and Ø 63 mm (1.5 - 3 hp) glue fittings included
  • Suitable for use with salt water

Technical characteristics Kripsol KSE

  • Injected thermoplastic body
  • Basket in white injected material
  • Transparent polycarbonate body cover
  • Lid closing by means of hinged handles with AISI 304 stud bolts and O-ring
  • Mechanical seal in AISI 316, suitable for sea water
  • Motor: IP 55 protection, class F insulation, 50Hz, 2.850 r.p.m.
  • Maximum water temperature 50ºC
  • Maximum pressure 2,5 bar

Technical data Kripsol KSE 

KSE 300 T1 IE3 pump operation table

Operation table Kripsol KSE 300 T1 IE3

Performance curve KSE 300 T1 IE3 pump

Performance curve KSE 300 T1 IE3

Dimensions KSE 300 T1 IE3 pump

Dimensions Kripsol KSE 300 T1 IE3

Data sheet

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