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Bomba AstralPool VIRON P320 Velocidad variable
  • Bomba AstralPool VIRON P320 Velocidad variable
  • Bomba AstralPool VIRON P320 Velocidad variable
  • Bomba AstralPool VIRON P320 Velocidad variable
  • Bomba AstralPool VIRON P320 Velocidad variable

Pump AstralPool VIRON P320 variable Speed

  • -10%
  • Variable speed pump
  • Pump with 8 stars on the rating ENERGY RATING efficiency enrgética
  • Designed to ensure the maximum useful life even in the most demanding work conditions
  • Save up to 90% of energy consumption
  • Get an annual saving in energy consumption of up to 900€
  • Silent. Level sound 75% lower than the pumps of a single speed

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  • Energy cost annual minimum: 374 KW/h per year
  • Memory of variable-speed
  • Speed display LCD
  • Setting the appropriate speed for each use
  • Adaptable to the swimming pool and the user
  • Flow of priming variable
  • Selection of the time of priming of 2 to 120 min.
  • 4 speeds programmable by day
  • Timers built with speed selection
  • Suitable for cleaning systems integrated in the floor
  • All the electronic components can be repaired or replaced.Leader in energy saving

Leader in energy saving

The variable speed pumps Viron allow you to select the speed of the engine more suitable for work in conditions of lower flow rate when necessary. Reducing to the half the speed of the pump and the flow rate, is achieved by reducing the energy consumed in more than 85%. The new pumps Viron achieve an annual saving in energy consumption of up to 900 €.

More silent

Pumps VIRON have a sound level 75% lower than that of a pump of a single-speed getting to be currently the quietest on the market. Their noise levels less than 63 dB make it imperceptible to the human ear.

Reduces CO2 emissions

We demonstrate our commitment to the sustainability of our planet, since the pump Viron reduces the environmental impact, saving up to one tonne of CO 2 annually in comparison with the pumps of a single speed.

A longer life

With the variable speed pumps Viron, not only achieved an increase in the useful life of the pump, but also of the other technical components installed in the pool. 95% of the activity carried out by a pump is the filtration, so that the 95% of the time will be worked at low speeds, a result by which the filters, gaskets and seals of the pump have a wear lower and consequently a longer useful life.

Most efficient solution

A new concept of pump for swimming pools. The variable speed pumps AstralPool Viron, the efficient solution is pumped to the swimming pool. Allows you to adjust the operation of the pump according to the needs of the installation and of the user himself. Increasing and decreasing the speed of the pump, it not only modified the speed and the flow rate, but also the energy consumption.

Remote control integrated

The pumps have been equipped with a remote control in one integrated LCD display with background lighting, which it reports back the RPM of operation and its current state. Also allows you to make 4 settings timer during which you can select different speed modes.

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