Metal spoon

  • Saucepan metal to a sauna.
  • Spoon especially suitable for sauna.
  • Wooden handle wide comfortable grip.
  • Manufactured with materials that respect the environment.
  • * Complete the set with the wooden cube with stainless interior.
Limited special offer
€12.90 €14.90-€2.00
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)


The spoon or scoop metal sauna is one of the accessories most common in areas of spa & Wellness. This accessory allows the user to pour the water with the essential oils or essences on the volcanic stones of the heater, thus producing water vapor and generating a higher relative humidity in the environment of the sauna.


Our spoon for sauna is a must-have accessory in any sauna. This tool is especially designed for you to enjoy a complete experience in the sauna. Its use is recommended to pour the water with the essence of the cube to the volcanic rocks that act as heating in the sauna.

It is a saucepan that is ideal for use with the wooden bucket with stainless steel inner, especially for Finnish saunas. This accessory for spa & Wellness is the most practical and functional.

This spoon with a handle width of wood for a sauna brand to Choose from (Elsässer) is a utensil that is comfortable for your grip and handling, being able to have total control when pouring the water in the volcanic rocks.

All materials used for the manufacture of this scoop are respectful with the environment, so that when you buy you get a snap-totally organic for your bath or sauna.


To be a utensil with a wooden part, it is recommended to keep the cucharon for sauna away from direct sunlight to avoid the loss of color and strength. Also keep away from open flames and hot volcanic stones. Avoid storing in a place susceptible to blows and try to keep it for the maximum time possible away from moisture and water.

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