PACK sauna bucket and ladle stainless steel

  • Kit sauna with bucket and cucharon stainless steel.
  • Includes ladle stainless steel with wooden handle.
  • Includes bucket for sauna stainless steel and wooden handle.
  • Resistant Material especially suitable for a sauna.
  • Capacity of bucket: 4L.
  • Measures box: 220 x 145 mm (with handle 275mm).
  • Weight approximate cube: 575g.
  • Length approx. bucket: 40 cm
  • Content approx. bucket: 200 ml.
  • Weight approx. bucket: 110 g.
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Special Pack for a sauna formed by the cube of stainless steel for sauna 4l and the ladle of stainless steel for sauna. These add-ons are, for many, indispensable to enjoy a sauna session full and comforting. The use of stainless steel gives this pack a modern and elegant design perfect to add to our space a touch of personality. This material is also perfect to withstand the hot and humid environment inside the cabin of the sauna.


One of the most relevant features of these add-ons, and that makes them excellent for areas of spa and wellness, is its stainless steel body with wooden handle. Thanks to the material with which this handle is manufactured, the wood, allows you to pick the cube in a full sauna session without having to worry about a possible overheating and risk of burns. Wood is a material non-conductive of heat, so it is perfect for this type of environment of a sauna.

This is a pack of the most practical to complete your sauna of functional form, as the cube is needed to make the mixture of water and essential oils that we will use to pour into the volcanic stones and generate that warm water vapor with the essence. The other accessories that complete the pack, the ladle, it is necessary to stir the mixture and pour it comfortably on the stones of the heater. With this pack you get everything you need to get that relaxation and well-being so desired in your area of wellness.

Both accessories feature a light weight that allows for a manipulation of what is comfortable to you. In addition, the bucket has a capacity of 4L perfect for a sauna standard, and the ladle, with its capacity of 200 ml and a length of about 40cm approximately allows a use of the same as comfortable. This also includes a tape of rope perfect for storing the cookware on the wall.

This pack of sauna composed by accessories from the prestigious brand specializing in sauna, spa and wellness Choose (Elsässer) is perfect to complete your sauna with a modern touch and elegant, but above all unique. Spoons, ladles, and scoops for a sauna, along with cubes of sauna, they are usually made entirely of wood, so that this model is manufactured in stainless steel is an accessory of the spa that you simply have if you want a unique space with personality.


To get the most out of these accessories, one must follow a few simple steps:

  1. Fills the bucket for sauna with water to generate steam in the interior of the sauna.
  2. Pour in the water from the interior of the cube 1 or 2 plugs of the essence chosen. The most commonly used in saunas and areas Wellness is the essence of eucalyptus.
  3. Help of a spoon or ladle for saunas to pour the water with the essence to the volcanic stones of the heater.


It is recommended to keep the bucket and ladle for sauna away from direct sunlight to avoid the loss of strength. Also keep away from open flames and hot volcanic stones. Avoid storing in a place susceptible to shock.


  • Bucket stainless steel with wooden handle.
  • Ladle stainless steel for sauna.
  • Resistant Material especially suitable for a sauna.
  • Capacity of bucket: 4L.
  • measures box: 220 x 145 mm (with handle 275mm).
  • Weight approximate cube: 575g.
  • Length approx. bucket: 40 cm
  • Content approx. bucket: 200 ml.
  • Weight approx. bucket: 110 g.

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