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Are you looking for a shop, gardening, where you can buy everything you need for your garden such as tools, machinery, irrigation systems and even treatments for the exterior wood at an economical price? Are you looking for and products for gardening of the best brands and with all the guarantees? Then youre in the right place. The store pools and garden Times Pool offers the best products to take care of your garden and a purchase 100% satisfactory.

  • Treatment exterior wood

    <p>Choosing a quality exterior wood treatment is essential in order to maintain the beauty and good condition of our exterior space. High and low temperatures, rain or humidity are some of the factors that influence the deterioration of wood. That is why wood requires the application of several products for its maintenance. </p> <p>Froschemie products provide various advantages such as a better appearance of the exterior wood, providing resistance and hardness, greater durability...among other advantages. Treating wood is a good option and we have treatments to clean wood, stone, stainless steel or even facades and roofs, all kinds of solutions to take care of your outdoor space.</p> <p>In our <a href="">store swimming pools and garden accessories</a> you will find the necessary products to protect, nourish, beautify and clean the exterior materials at a very economic price. Discover them all! </p>
  • Orchard and garden machinery

    <p>Having the right machinery is important for a correct maintenance of the orchard or garden, that's why in Momentos Piscina we offer quality machinery at an unbeatable price. In our online store we distribute <strong>honda machinery</strong> because it is recognized by its quality and performance in the gardening products.</p> <p>Honda gardening machinery ensures <strong>reliability, robustness and safety,</strong> positioning the Honda brand as a leader in the market. Honda engines guarantee efficiency, reliability and long life thanks to the incorporation of the latest technology. </p> <p>We offer all types of agricultural and gardening machinery for the care of the garden: chainsaws, motor hoes, brush cutters, blowers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. Having the right machinery for each task guarantees you a green, fresh and well cared for garden. If you can't dedicate much time to agricultural or gardening tasks, don't worry, the deep machinery will take your work away<strong> quickly, easily and comfortably.</strong></p> <p>For any question, you can contact the Momentos Piscina team, they are at your disposal for anything you need. </p>
  • Accessories for the garden

    <p>A barbecue is always a good option to enjoy a good meal in the company of family and friends. And the best gas barbecues can be found in our online garden store.</p> <p>Why buy a gas barbecue? Because they are safe, easy to light, easy to clean, incorporate elements such as a table or a drawer to work more comfortably. Still not clear? Check out the gas barbecue models in our store, with modern designs created especially to leave you more time to enjoy yours and give your food the best taste. </p> <p>The gas barbecues we offer are characterized by being: practical, quality and design. We also offer all kinds of accessories to add to your barbecue such as containers, roasting trays, tongs, spatulas...  And covers to cover your barbecue and protect it from the weather. </p> <p>A garden with a barbecue is a garden with life, a space to meet, to relate, to enjoy the food. Get your gas barbecue in our online store if you want to be the host! </p>
  • Irrigation systems

    <p>To make your garden look green, strong and fresh all year round it is important to incorporate <strong>irrigation systems</strong> that automate this watering process. We want to take care of your garden, that's why at Momentos Piscina we have different types of watering systems so you can choose the one that best suits your garden.</p> <p>Several elements influence an irrigation system such as sprinklers, diffusers and nozzles, electrovalves and irrigation programmers. All these components have to be chosen according to several factors: seasons of your garden, dimensions of the garden, soil characteristics, water quality, among other factors. </p> <p>When considering which system to use, it is important to take into account the difference between an irrigation sprinkler and an irrigation diffuser<strong>,</strong> that is why we told you about it in an <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">article</span></a> in the Momentos Piscina blog. In our gardening store you can choose between the <strong>toro diffusers</strong> or the <strong>toro sprinklers</strong> as the mini 8 toro sprinkler designed to cover the most difficult areas. </p> <p>One of the most important elements of a watering system are the watering valves, which are responsible for opening and closing the water flow according to the instructions of the controller. In Momentos Piscina we have a wide catalog of bull <strong>irrigation electrovalve</strong>s and bull <strong>irrigation programmers</strong> to choose depending on several factors. </p> <p>Complete your garden with the bull irrigation system and enjoy a well cared for, clean and sanitized garden. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions.</p>
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€60.86 €81.14
Developer Toro serie DDC-4 of 4 stations, mounting on the inside, very easy to use. It has 3 independent programs are very easy to identify with the digital dial, and 3 start times per program.
Combines a customizable controller sophisticated features with a great simplicity of use. Supports from 4 to 24 stations using modules of 4 or 8 stations. Monitors up to three independent sensors and is compatible...
Solenoid TORO irrigation 3/4" BSP
Limited special offer
€21.93 €23.08
Solenoid TORO irrigation with a thread diameter of 3/4". Irrigation system with electric control and regulation of flow S/R. Electric valve irrigation with outlet threaded male or cuff. Rubber diaphragm that ensures...
Solenoid LATCH of the BULL to electroválculas TORO irrigation. Dc latching solenoid, encapsulated. Valid for all valves BULL with solenoid Latch, 9 v. Solenoid valves EZ-FLO PLUS, POS, P150, P220. Solenoid 2-wire....
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