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Hourglass 15 minutes

Hourglass 15 minutes

  • Hourglass for sauna 15 min. with housing swivel.
  • Wooden clock.
  • Duration: 15 minutes.
  • Measures: 50 x 275 x 35 mm
  • Weight 260g.
  • We stock spare parts clock of sand in different colors.
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The clock for sauna wood is one of the best methods to measure the time in the cabin. With its cylinder of glass with white sand and its housing swivel wood, this clock of sauna can resist the warm atmosphere of a sauna and work for a long time without problems in your mechanism.

The hourglass of Moments swimming Pool features a wooden casing with the indications of minutes with very visible, so check the time of each session in the sauna will be the more simple. The fact that the casing of the clock is made of wood is because this is a material non-conductive of heat, so that in any case the overheating or burns will be a concern when touching the clock.

With 275 mm of length, this small but handy clock for sauna can be perfect with the aesthetics of the cabin and serve as an element of decoration. Its size allows it to be visible to all users, but unobtrusive in the environment.

This watch has the ability to have up to 15 minutes, the recommended time per session in the sauna.

Sauna sessions should not exceed 15 minutes of time to be healthy and to ensure the relaxation, so this is the perfect measure that will help us to keep a control exhausted from the time spent inside the cabin. The hourglass is an accessory reliable to ensure the right amount of time of comfort and well-being.

The mechanism housing rotatable with the clock for sauna wood Moments Pool allows you to reactivate the timer in a convenient way with a single movement.

With the passage of time it is possible that the glass cylinder containing the sand to weaken and rome, but never the wood of the casing. That is why we have various spare parts of cylinders of sand in various colors (green, red, white, and blue), so you can choose the one that best suits the ambience of your sauna.


  • Measures: 50 x 275 x 35 mm
  • Weight 260g.
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